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Vaping In Cuba (2024) – Where To Get Vapes?

This post answers all your tricky vape related questions about Cuba. And it sets out how to get your vape ...

This post answers all your tricky vape related questions about Cuba. And it sets out how to get your vape products to Cuba and where you can buy e-juice or vape liquids on the island. But first, let’s start with the most frequently asked questions about vaping in Cuba.

Vaping is legal in Cuba. Cuba still has no specific legislation that pertains to vaping. Read this article and watch the Youtube video below, to see how I took vapes to Cuba in 2024. And how I bought vapes online in Cuba and from cafes in Havana.

Now, unlike the other websites that seek to answer this question, I’ve actually got years of experience taking vapes to Cuba, buying vapes in Cuba and using vapes in Cuba. And you should watch the YouTube video below, from my channel, that actually shows you how to do everything covered in this article.

For all other Cuba questions, see this Cuba FAQ page.

Vaping In Cuba FAQ

Is vaping legal in Cuba in 2024?

Vaping is legal in Cuba. Cuba has no specific laws regarding vaping. You can take your vape device to Cuba. And you can vape on the island anywhere that smoking is permitted.

Can I take my marijuana vape to Cuba?

Marijuana is prohibited in all its forms in Cuba. You cannot take a vape device, or anything else, that has marijuana, CBD or THC to Cuba. Anything that is made from or contains marijuana, should not be taken to Cuba.

Cuba does not recognise medical prescriptions for marijuana. There is no such thing as medical marijuana in Cuba. If you cross an international border into Cuba with marijuana, or a vape that contains or is made from cannabis, the best you can hope for is immediate deportation. Because they can charge you with importation of illicit or narcotic substance. You could go to jail.

Where can I vape in Cuba?

Vaping is treated the same as smoking in Cuba. You can vape anywhere that smoking is permitted. Do not vape in non-smoking spaces.

Can I buy vapes in Cuba?

Yes you can buy vapes in Cuba. This article details where you can find vapes in Cuba. Most vendors are located in Havana.

Is vaping illegal in Cuba?

Vaping is not illegal in Cuba. Vaping is legal and you can take your vape to Cuba. Pack it properly and do not take any cannabis or marijuana vapes to Cuba.

I’ve seen some online forum members have had vapes confiscated in Cuba

If you do not pack your vape correctly it will be confiscated. If your vape looks like it contains prohibited substances (i.e. marijuana) it will be confiscated. When Aduana don’t know what your vape is it will be confiscated. If you are carrying many items and it looks like you’re selling them in Cuba, they will be confiscated.

Also note, that if you look like a walking dollar sign (foreign, can’t speak Spanish and you’re carrying expensive things), you will likely find yourself having items ‘confiscated’. Particularly in Varadero and Cayo Coco airports.

Is vaping legal in Cuba?

The short answer is yes. Vaping is legal in Cuba and you can bring your vape products to Cuba. With that said, Cuba has some quirks when taking vape products to Cuba.

Before taking your vape to Cuba you would be wise to ensure that your vape does not contain CBD, THC, or Cannabis byproducts. And that your vape cannot in anyway be mistaken for a product containing marijuana.

I’ve personally taken my vape to Cuba and carried with me a 5 month supply of vape juice and coils. I had a soccer ball sized package containing vape products that was inspected by Aduana and they had no problem with my vape supplies.

I’ve vaped all over Cuba including at the Havana airport and have had no issue vaping on the island. If you follow the rules and pack your goods properly, you will not have an issue vaping in Cuba.

Importing vape products into Cuba

Vape batteries for Cuba

You will need to have the batteries removed from the device and in your carry on baggage. Don’t put rechargeable lithium batteries in your luggage. This is standard practice for all international flights.

packing vape liquids for cuba

Cuban rules state that vape liquids should be packaged appropriately and in your carry on baggage. All vape liquid should be in containers less than 100ml. With each bottle in a ziplock bag.

Yet, international airline rules require all liquids to be in your checked baggage. And if you want to get your vape juice to Cuba, I would follow the international airline rules.

Personally, I will double or even triple bag my vape products. And I disperse the packages throughout my checked baggage.

The reason I triple ziplock bag everything is because I wouldn’t want vape juice to spill in my luggage. And I disperse the products through my different bags in the event I get an overzealous customs officer. Or a bag goes missing in transit.

I’ve had no problem taking liquids and juices to Cuba packed like this. I’ve also had no problem packing my device with the batteries removed. Cuban Aduana (Customs) didn’t bat an eyelid when they checked my baggage as I’d overpacked everything for safety.

Steps to take your vape to Cuba on a plane and passing Customs (Aduana)

  1. Buy your preferred vape juice or e-liquid. In bottles less than 100ml each;
  2. Individually wrap each bottle in a clear plastic ziplock bag;
  3. Place those individually wrapped bottles into your checked baggage;
  4. Before boarding the plane remove the batteries from your vape device;
  5. Place the batteries into your carry on baggage seperate to your device;

Buying vape products in Cuba

If you run out of vape juice in Cuba there are options to purchase it on the island. Though it’s not ideal and I personally wouldn’t recommend buying vape juice or vape products in Cuba.

You can find vape products (juice, e-juice and disposable vapes) on Revolico. And you can now buy them in the more upscale markets, bodegas and western style coffee shops. Particularly in the touristic parts of Havana such as Vedado.

The items more commonly sold in markets and coffee shops are a 800 puff nicotine salt based vape. They’re quite good. But don’t expect them to last the full 800puff. These disposable vape units cost 1500CUP as of today (4/1/2023) which is roughly $9USD.

On Revolico you will find the more known brands such as ‘Elf Bar’ and these will set you back roughly 6000 CUP delivered. Or $35USD as at today’s real currency exchange rate.

You will need a VPN to access most websites in Cuba, including Revolico.

We’ve filmed a few scenarios where we’ve bought vapes in Cuba. Both online and in shops. And these videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Where to buy vapes in Cuba

Simply open Revolico and search for Vapes. Revolico is Cuba’s version of Craigslist where you can find just about anything. Including vape products.

If you do intend to buy vapes from Revolico make sure that the item looks legit and has some form of tamper proof opening. Disposable vapes are generally the safest option in Cuba.

You want to be sure that what you’re buying isn’t filled with flavored dish soap. Or some other random chemical a counterfeiter has filled a bottle with.

Revolico can be found at: but remember, like most websites and mobile applications you will likely need a VPN to access it from Cuba.

Most websites and mobile applications rarely work as intended from within Cuba without a VPN. Always have a VPN loaded onto your device before traveling to Cuba.

Vape in Cuba Airbnb or Casa Particular

As smoking is permitted in most hotels, airbnbs and casa-particulars you can vape in your Cuban accommodation.

With the permission of my host, I vaped in my airbnb accommodation and my host preferred my vape to a smoker. Because I didn’t make the place smell like an old ashtray.

Vape in Cuban Airbnb
Me, vaping in one of my many Cuban Airbnbs, with a glass of Jack Daniels.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made my Complete Guide To Traveling Cuba available on this website. And I recommend you read it, before traveling to Cuba. It will help you navigate Cuba and Cuban society.

My Cuba travel guide will save you a lot of time and a significant amount of money on your trip to Cuba. Cuba is not the sort of destination in which you can just arrive unprepared.