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Getting From The Airport To The City In Buenos Aires Argentina

There are four (4) main transport options to get from Ezeiza (EZE) airport in Buenos Aires to your accommodation. And ...

There are four (4) main transport options to get from Ezeiza (EZE) airport in Buenos Aires to your accommodation. And the two I routinely use are taxis and Uber. But let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of all four (4) and their costs.

How Far Is Buenos Aires International Airport From City Center?

Ezeiza airport is about 36 km from the suburbs of Buenos Aires that a tourist would likely be staying. And the trip can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 90 minutes depending on traffic and the transport method selected. The average for me when travelling by cabs and Uber is about 50 minutes.

Uber From Ezeiza (EZE)

On my last inbound flight I took Uber from Ezeiza to my accommodation in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. And I took Uber for the sole reason that I didn’t have local currency (pesos) on me. I didn’t want to change currency at the airport and I was too jet lagged to be bothered negotiating USD payments at dolar blue rates with the cab drivers.

If you call for an Uber at the airport you need to be aware that they will not pick you up from the taxi rank. And Uber will bill your card at the official exchange rate and so you must avoid surge pricing. Surge pricing on Uber in Argentina can be crazy and the use of the offical exchange rate makes it worse.

I’ve seen prices go 10x from EZE to the city. Normally an Uber from Ezeiza (EZE) to the city will cost $15-25 but with surge pricing, I’ve seen it go north of $250. So be sure to check the price in Argentine pesos and work out what it will cost you in your home currency (use xe.com) before accepting an Uber.

Uber will pick you up from the carpark directly opposite the terminal. It’s about a 50 meter walk to where the Uber drivers will meet you. Its quite an easy stroll to find your Uber.

Taxi From Airport (EZE)

Taking a taxi from EZE is the easiest option if you have pesos. And its the cheapest if you’ve converted your money to pesos at the dolar blue rate. If you have converted at the dolar blue rate and you’re using a standard metered cab running on the meter, a taxi from EZE to Palermo costs about $15.

You can walk straight outside and get a cab from the front door of the EZE terminal. But beware of cabs quoting ‘fixed’ prices. When the metered cabs all start telling you it’s a fixed price to a particular place and they’re quoting in $USD, its a scam.

When a metered cab tries to tell me its a ‘fixed fee’ to go somewhere, I go to a different cab and tell them I want to pay in pesos by the meter. If the next cab is doing the same thing, or there are no other cabs, then I let all the cabs watch me as I call an Uber.

If your Spanish language skills are decent and you can negotiate, then you can discuss paying the metered price in pesos with $USD at the dolar blue rate. For example the current dolar blue rate today is 283:1 and the offical exchange rate is 143:1.

As an example, instead of giving the cabby $7 per 1000 pesos in pesos cash, you could negotiate to pay $3.5 per 1000 pesos paid in $USD cash. Make no mistake, they all want USD and are limited in the amount of USD they can transfer each month. So they are all open to being paid in USD at the blue rate.

Tienda León From Airport (EZE)

Tienda León have shuttle busses and what are called ‘remis’. Shuttle busses are pretty self explanatory and will take to you from EZE to their station near Puerto Madero. From there you will need to make your way onward to your accommodation. Personally, I won’t bother with a shuttle bus because I then need to get a cab, Uber or remis the rest of the way.

Remis are private cars. It’s kind of like Argentine Uber. You tell them where and when to pick you up and where to drop you off and they give you a price in pesos. If you’re using the app its an electronic payment. You can however pay cash in the terminal for a remis.

A Tienda León remis will cost about 50% more than a cab. You can see the prices by going to their website and typing in your trip details. They’re nicer vehicles and often better drivers. If you don’t mind paying more and want a nicer ride to your accommodation, check them out in the terminal.

Bus From Airport (EZE)

This is the super budget option. It takes longer and its less convenient. But if you’re desperate to save a few dollars, you can give it a try.

Personally, I haven’t taken the bus since 2008, because it takes at least 90 minutes to reach the city centre. And then you need to get from the bus terminal to your accommodation. If you’re staying in Palermo for example, it will be another 30 minutes in a cab (or longer on public transport) to reach your accommodation.

If you look foreign, don’t speak Spanish and are wheeling around a suitcase or carrying a big backpack, you’ll be running the gauntlet of thieves once the bus drops you off. All to save what will likely end up being $2-$10US, you’ll be risking pickpockets, bag snatchers and general miscreants. Good luck.

Final Thoughts – Getting From The Airport To The City In Buenos Aires Argentina

Honestly, unless the cabbies are all running scams or insisting on fixed fees in $USD, I’d just take a cab. Particularly if I have pesos I’ve acquired at the dolar blue rate. Or if I can knock their prices down by paying them direct in $USD at the blue rate.

If the cabs are all over charging, which will happen when there’s an influx of flights or if they see a walking dollar sign (gringo with expensive stuff), then I’ll go and get an Uber.

At times I’ve used Tienda León. Because I’ve had a lot of bags and I didn’t know what sort of little sh*tbox car Uber was likely to send. But never have I bothered with the bus since my first trip to Buenos Aires in 2008.

Running the gauntlet of thieves, pickpockets and scammers that hang around public transport stations is not something I’d recommend. Particularly if you’re white, speak no Spanish, are carrying expensive looking stuff and are only trying to save a few dollars.

Using the bus you’ll be dodging bag snatchers, bag slashers, pickpockets and you might even get sprayed with disgusting old mayonnaise that they make out is bird poo in order to wipe you down while liberating you of your belongings. The bus just isn’t worth it for tourists.

If you’re looking for how get from Ezeiza (EZE) airport to Buenos Aires city, my advice will always be take a cab or an Uber.

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