Dear readers of In Lovely Blue,

When I link to a product or service on this website, In Lovely Blue, located at, you should assume that the link is a paid affiliate link. Companies do compensate me when a sale on their website, originates from mine.

Now, I do not and have never, accepted paid endorsements. Nobody could ever pay me enough money to recommend a product or service that I don’t believe in and that I have not, or would not, use myself.

I’ve also never received anything for free to review. Companies don’t give me free stuff to try out and then recommend on my website. And if this ever changes, I will update this disclosure and make it very clear in the article where I review the product, that it was provided for free.

When you, my readers, see a widget or banner on my website these are affiliates I work with. They are the same companies and products that I myself use on a daily basis. They are not display advertising and I do not run display ads on this website.

I’m of the opinion that most display advertising is just spammy junk. I find display ads on other travel websites annoying and I assume, like me, you do too. So I don’t use display ads on this website. Only affiliate banners for the companies that I myself use and endorse.

For example, if you see a banner for selling travel insurance. Well folks, if you’ve read my blog long enough, you’d know I myself buy my own travel insurance through and the policies I’ve bought from them, have always been a godsend in times of trouble. Like that time I got stabbed in Bogota.

You should also know that most of the time when I recommend a tour, I get a small commission from the booking engine. It’s not all the time and I do frequently recommend tours that I get nothing from.

If I do recommend a tour though an affiliate partner, they will pay me a small commission. Generally, the commission they pay me averages $1-$3 per sale. Yet I don’t recommend tours that I myself have not, or would not, take while visiting the destination.

If I review a hotel, like the Hotel Tequendama in Bogota or the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, sometimes I’m compensated and sometimes I am not. But in all cases, I will have actually stayed in those hotels and will have paid for my own room, with my own money.

I’ve never and would never, review a hotel I haven’t stayed in. I’ve also never received a hotel stay with a discount or for free. And if this ever changes, I will update this page and make it clear what I received.

Using the above hotel example, if you were to book a stay in the Tequendama using one of my links, I would be compensated. But I would receive nothing in the case of the Abassi Hotel.

Not being compensated and receiving, or not receiving affiliate commissions, does not dictate the types of content I write. If the place is worth considering for your next stay, I will review it irrespective of whether or not I’m compensated. And this comes down to a little thing called, integrity.

If you’ve read through my blog, you’ll often see me telling you not to buy the amazon affiliate junk like filtered water bottles or magic filter straws sold on other blogs. I know for a fact those bloggers don’t actually use that junk and that you don’t need them in the destinations I write about.

If I see that sort of Amazon affiliate stuff being pushed in articles about the destinations I cover, you can expect me to tell you not to buy if you don’t actually need it. And for the record, I haven’t joined any of those Amazon affiliate or other product programs.

Because I’m sure, if you’re reading my website, that you’re a grown up adult capable of finding your own travel charger or other accessory without me linking to it on Amazon. If I tell you that you need it, I’m certain you can put your big boy pants on and go and find it for yourself. So I don’t earn commissions or affiliate payments from that sort of stuff.

So, all of this begs the question, what is the primary source of income for this website? Well, it’s actually tips. You see, if I’ve genuinely helped you, it’s a courtesy to tip. Running this website is not cheap and it’s damn sure not free.

If I’ve helped you out, throw a tip in my virtual tip jar to keep this website up and running. And feel confident clicking links on this website. Because I myself use the same products and pay the same prices through those links that you do! And all the money received from the site (and more), goes back into keeping the site online and running.


Kieran Proctor
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