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The Uber In Cuba (2024) – La Nave

There is no Uber in Cuba, but Cuba does have La Nave. The La Nave mobile app has a similar ...

There is no Uber in Cuba, but Cuba does have La Nave. The La Nave mobile app has a similar user interface and feels just like Uber. It’s the Uber in Cuba!

La Nave is what I use to navigate the island. And it allows me to avoid using over priced Cuban taxis or haphazard collectivos. Here’s how you can get La Nave and save on transport costs around Cuba. For all other questions about Cuba you should see my Complete Guide To Cuba.

Download La Nave – The Uber In Cuba

La Nave is available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. And you will need a VPN to access either store when in Cuba. I only recommend NordVPN for Cuba as it’s the only VPN that works consistently.

You can find La Nave at

Once you have the La Nave app on your device you will notice it looks exactly like Uber. Cuba has no copyright laws and they simply don’t try to hide the fact they’ve copied Uber.

La Nave is the sole mobile app for transport in Cuba. The former mobile app for Cuba was Bajanda. And before Bajanda, Sube. But Bajanda and Sube no longer function in Cuba and they have shut down after their owners fled from Cuba.

Nevertheless La Nave has a more intuitive (Uber copy) GUI and is much easier to use than either Sube or Bajanda. It also has more drivers available at all hours of the day. With the exception of a major festivity like New Years Eve or New Years Day, you won’t need to wait long for a La Nave.


Get A Cuban Mobile SIM Card To Use La Nave

La Nave works off mobile data and gps, just like Uber. La Nave will not work for you if you do not have a Cuban SIM card and a local mobile phone number.

Go to your nearest Cubacel store and purchase a Cuban mobile SIM card for your phone. Mobile SIM cards in Cuba are cheap. And Mobile data is competitively priced.

At current rates I pay approximately $5.50US for 16gb of data on Cubacel. And Cubacel features fast 4G LTE. We upload 4K video to Youtube from a Cubacel 4G LTE connection and have no speed issues.

Once you have a local SIM card and phone number you will need to use that number to sign up. The sign up process will require your phone to receive a verification text message to your Cuban cell phone number.

It’s free to sign up. And payments to drivers are made in cash. You will not need a credit or debit card.

Using The Cuban Uber To Get Around in Cuba

Just like the original Uber you’re familiar with, La Nave will use GPS to determine your pickup location and require you to set your destination. It will then state the prices and give you 4 vehicle options.

The options are basic, comfort, basic XL and comfort XL. The prices will reflect the vehicle type and category with a standard ‘Basic’ Lada being the cheapest option.

Yet, using the Basic option I more often get cool old cars. This is because almost everyone using the mobile app to get around Cuba only selects basic and most people aren’t willing to pay more. Therefore the ‘comfort’ options often turn up when ‘basic’ is selected.

You shouldn’t always expect a very modern or ‘comfortable’ vehicle when moving around Cuba. Often the difference is that the Lada that arrives when you select ‘comfort’ has a functional exhaust or 3 out of 4 wheel nuts for your safety.

Almost all transport options in Cuba will result in rickety old junkers arriving to pick you up. Personally, I just shrug and chalk it up to Cuba. I just accept whatever vehicle turns up when I select ‘basic’.

A basic La Nave from Vedado to Old Havana (Habana Vieja) should cost little more than 400CUP which is roughly $1.90USD (exchange rates). All payments are in the local currency. Tips are not expected and tipping cab drivers in Cuba is not part of the culture.

Alternatives Mobile Applications to La nave

There are no functional mobile applications that offer alternatives. You can try your luck flagging down a taxi and will likely be ripped off. With Cuban taxis you’ll most often end up paying double what a La ave would cost.

You could also pack onto the bus or into a collectivo. But you should be warned that scabies are endemic in Cuba and these transport options are where I’ve had friends get scabies. If you’re happy to spend a portion of your holiday looking for parasite meds on the black market, feel free to use these transport methods. Personally, I would just pay the $2-3 for a La Nave.

You will also find that buses, collectivos and more expensive taxis prevent you from seeing much of what Cuba has to offer outside the touristic areas. Either because these transport options don’t go the way you want or because they are prohibitively expensive.

For example, we paid roughly $12 to get to a Finca in Guanabacoa for a YouTube video. A cab was the only other option. And a taxi would have cost more than $100.

You can see videos of us using La Nave and the places we go on our YouTube channel – an example of one such destination is below.

Finca Vista Hermosa in Guanabacoa – You won’t get here without a La Nave!

Can I use La Nave From the airport?

You can use the La Nave mobile application to get to and from the airport. I use it as my main transport option between the Havana Airport and the city when I have Cuban Pesos (CUP). I never take taxis to or from the airport.

If you’re arriving in Cuba for the first time you likely won’t have a Cuban CubaCel SIM card and phone number. So I would recommend using a private airport transfer when you arrive. And I would suggest using La Nave to get back to the airport when you depart.

A private airport transfer is cheaper and more comfortable than a local taxi between the airport and Havana.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there Uber in Cuba?

The answer to all of the does Cuba have Uber? Does Uber work in Cuba? or is there Uber in Havana Cuba? questions is no, Uber does not work in Cuba. Cuba uses its own mobile application called La Nave.

How to get around in Cuba?

La Nave is how I personally get around in Havana, Varadero and the major Cuban cities. La Nave will be cheaper than taxis and easier to use than collectivos, when getting around town in Cuba.

Uber airport transfers in Cuba?

There is no Uber in Cuba, but you can use La Nave to and from the airports if you have a functional Cuban SIM card and Cuban Pesos (CUP). Otherwise, you can use other Airport transfer services from as little as $10. See my airport guide here.

Can I use ‘Sube’ in Cuba?

The Sube mobile application was replaced by Bajanda. And Bajanda was replaced by La Nave. Neither Sube or Bajanda continue to work in Cuba. You will need La Nave.

Note: Sube hasn’t worked in Cuba since 2019. So if a travel blog is telling you to download and use Sube, then they haven’t been home to Havana in a number of years.

Can I use ‘Bajanda’ in Cuba?

The Bajanda mobile application replaced Sube as Cuba’s Uber. But Bajanda was replaced by La Nave. Bajanda no longer functions in Cuba.

Does Lyft work in Cuba?

The Lyft ride sharing mobile application does not work in Cuba. The only ride hailing mobile application that functions in Cuba is called La Nave.

Does inDrive work in Cuba?

The inDrive ride sharing mobile application does not work in Cuba. The only ride hailing mobile application that functions in Cuba is called La Nave.

What is the Cuban version of Uber?

La Nave is the Cuban version of Uber. Sube and Bajanda do not work in Cuba. Both apps have been discontinued and only La Nave works in Cuba.

What is the best way to get around Cuba?

The best way to get around in Cuba is using La Nave, the Cuban version of Uber. It will be cheaper and allows you to go further and see more while in Cuba. La Nave will give you access to more sights and experiences while in Cuba.

What is the cheapest way to get around Cuba?

The cheapest way to get around Cuba is with La Nave in the larger cities. And by Viazul bus for traveling between distant cities.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made my Complete Guide To Traveling Cuba available on this website. And I recommend you read it, before traveling to Cuba. It will help you navigate Cuba and Cuban society.

My Cuba travel guide will save you a lot of time and money on your next trip to Cuba. Cuba is not the sort of destination in which you can arrive unprepared. Read the most complete Cuba Travel Guide.