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What Is Revolico? – The Craigslist Of Cuba

Does Cuba have a Craigslist? No, Cuba has a Revolico! Revolico is an online marketplace where users can buy or ...

Does Cuba have a Craigslist? No, Cuba has a Revolico! Revolico is an online marketplace where users can buy or sell, virtually anything. Revolico is the most useful Cuban website you’ll encounter.

You should familiarize yourself with Revolico, before traveling to Cuba. It’s one of the most handy sites that you’ll have access to during your holiday in Cuba. I use Revolico to get everything from currency exchange services through to buying laptops, including the laptop I’m writing this article on!

What is Revolico? | The Craigslist of Cuba

Revolico is an online marketplace where users can buy or sell virtually anything. Need a new toilet seat? Revolico. Need a set of wheels for your car? Revolico. Need a horse? Revolico. Need a new laptop or black market currency? Revolico.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if I stumbled across human organs on there one day. If it can be bought or sold in Cuba, irrespective of it’s legality, it’s on Revolico.

Watching a couple of local friends build out their restaurant using Revolico, was quite entertaining. They bought a light on Revolico. Found an electrician on Revolico. Then hired a ladder on Revolico when the electrician couldn’t reach the vaulted ceiling. Next, they hired a truck on Revolico to transport the ladder, because the guy with the ladder, had no transport.

When the electrician finally finished the light installation and used the bathroom, only to have the toilet break, they repeated the process again for a plumber and supplies. Heck, they even bought the grass for their new restaurants footpath on Revolico. And the grass came with a tick infestation, which required them to then hire an exterminator on Revolico.

Revolico | A Useful Website For Tourists

If you’re planning to spend any length of time in Cuba, you should familiarize yourself with ‘the Craigslist of Cuba’. You’ll find for a foreigner, Revolico is invaluable for acquiring hard to come by goods.

If your local store sell out (which happens often) and there is a particular beer or spirit you may be after, a particular brand of coffee or a cosmetic item (shampoo, conditioner etc.), then Revolico will be your saving grace.

Revolico is also handy for getting a feel for where the current exchange rates are, on any given day.

I wouldn’t recommend changing currency with strangers you’ve found on Revolico. Because you don’t always get what you pay for on Revolico and it has a lot of counterfeit goods. And you definitely don’t want to be left holding counterfeit currency. But it’s handy for checking prices.

Revolico is available at

For other mobile apps or websites, and whether or not they work, there’s also my definitive guide to using mobile apps in Cuba.

Using Revolico to buy vapes in Cuba

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