Written by Kieran Proctor

The Real Havana Cuba – Youtube Series

So, I’m returning to Cuba. I never thought I would. Yet I’m returning with an extensive camera setup. And I ...

So, I’m returning to Cuba. I never thought I would. Yet I’m returning with an extensive camera setup. And I will be filming a documentary series with my Cuban friends, Alvaro and John.

Alvaro and John
Alvaro and John

We will be showing you what Cuba is really like. Once you escape the tourist traps of Habana Vieja (Old Havana) and Varadero. Everything will be captured in 5.3K ultra high definition videos and uploaded to our Youtube channel.

We’ll show you the trials and tribulations of daily life in Cuba. We won’t be following the typical narrative you see plastered all over the internet about starving Cubans and crumbing buildings.

We’ll show you the real suburbs of Havana, the local beaches, the hidden stores and the hip restaurants and bars in private colonial mansions. We will show you the diplomatic hangouts, local markets and how to find the best of everything that Cuba has to offer.

Cuban lobster
Cuban Lobster

We’ll show you the cash situation and what you should be paying for the goods and services you need in Cuba. Including the most important mobile apps to have on your device and where to get items like vape products in Cuba or how to have food and beer delivered.

When Will We See The Real Cuba?

I’m flying from Montevideo Uruguay via Panama. I will be landing in Havana Cuba at 10am on the 24th December 2022. Just in time for a very Cuban Christmas.

As I write this now, on Christmas Day in Havana Cuba, we’ve already been filming for 24 hours. Daily uploads to our YouTube channel will start before the 8th of January 2023.

As an Australian and a guest of Cuban citizens my stay on the Island is limited to 60 days per trip. And a total of 180 days in a calendar year. I can renew my Cuban visa once per trip.

With 60 days of filming available we’ll be producing 60 videos. And if the channel builds a following we will do more than 60 videos. I’ll even fly to Panama and back on day 60 so we can keep filming.

If all goes to plan we will incorporate daily live videos on Youtube into our schedule. Allowing followers to ask all of their Cuban travel related questions in real time. And they will get up to date answers from people who are actually in Cuba.

What You Should Do While Waiting For The Videos

Head over to the YouTube channel we’ll be using @inlovelyblue. Click the ‘subscribe button’ and the bell icon to turn on notifications. That way you can be the first to know when we start the uploads.

You should also read my Havana Food Tours article so you know how I met Alvaro and John. My entrepreneurial Cuban foodie friends. Right now, as I write this post, they’re in the kitchen preparing a meal for some American tourists looking to experience a ‘traditional’ Cuban Christmas dinner.

If you want to see what a traditional Cuban Christmas dinner looks like in the Suburbs of Havana Cuba, you better head over to Youtube and subscribe. Because we’re filming its preparation and will be filming the meal tonight.

Subscribe and stay tuned.

Alvaro and John Cooking Chrismas Dinner
Alvaro And John Cooking Christmas Dinner In Havana (2022)

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made my Complete Guide To Traveling Cuba available on this website. And I recommend you read it, before traveling to Cuba. It will help you navigate Cuba and Cuban society.

My Cuba travel guide will save you a lot of time and money on your next trip to Cuba. Cuba is not the sort of destination in which you can arrive unprepared. Read the most complete Guide To Traveling Cuba.