Written by Kieran Proctor

Are There Drugs In Cuba?

There are drugs and drug dealers in Cuba. In fact, I’ve had more people offer to sell me drugs on ...

There are drugs and drug dealers in Cuba. In fact, I’ve had more people offer to sell me drugs on the street in Cuba, than I have had in Colombia, Argentina or elsewhere in Latin America. Cocaine and marijuana are available on every street corner in Cuba.

Here’s everything you need to know about drugs, in Cuba. Based on my own personal experience of spending months at a time, in the country.

Are Drugs Available In Cuba?

When a jinetero (tout) can’t sell you money exchanges or prostitutes, the very next thing they will try to sell you are drugs. Drugs like cocaine and marijuana are everywhere in Cuba.

Outside every hotel and in every nightclub across Cuba, you will find people trying to sell drugs. Drugs like cocaine are purportedly brought into Cuba, via flights between Mexico and Cuba. And on cruise ships.

Drug dealers in Cuba are not dangerous, like in other parts of Latin America. But they are professional criminals and scammers.

You should be very aware that the Cuban drug dealer you’re contemplating doing business with, is likely trying to scam you. And whatever they may be selling you, may not be pure, or even the substance it purports to be.

Cocaine and marijuana are highly illegal in Cuba. If it’s an illicit substance anywhere else in the world, it’s safe to say, it’s highly illegal in Cuba.

Cuba does not even recognize medical marijuana prescriptions. And you should avoid all drugs in Cuba. Only necessary, personal medications, that are prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacist, should be taken to Cuba.

If you arrive in Cuba with an illicit substance like cocaine or marijuana, you risk extremely severe legal consequences and long prison sentences. Do not take drugs to Cuba. And do not purchase and use illicit substances in Cuba.


Are Drugs Of A High Quality In Cuba?

Drugs in Cuba are often of a poor quality. And for drugs like cocaine, you cannot guarantee what it has been cut with. Or that it is even cocaine, as opposed to some other medication, that has been crushed up into a powder.

You risk getting extremely sick from drugs in Cuba. That’s if you don’t just get ripped off, by a jinetero. I would strongly suggest avoiding all drugs in Cuba. And I would never trust a Cuban street hustler.

Is The Availability Of Drugs Increasing In Cuba?

An article from the US Department Of Justice in 1997, hypothesized that Cuba would grow as an international transshipment point for narcotics. And the article suggested that without strong international cooperation and in the face of deteriorating economic circumstances, the use of drugs in Cuba would grow. Along with Cuba as a trafficking route to the USA.

From what I’ve seen in Cuba, I would say this article is quite prescient. Because it has accurately predicted the current situation in Cuba. Year over year, domestic drug use and narcotic sales in Cuba, are growing rapidly.

Can I Take My Marijuana or CBD Vape To Cuba?

I’ve covered this question in an article dedicated to vapes in Cuba. But to restate the answer on this page, no you cannot take marijuana or CBD vapes to Cuba. But regular nicotine vapes are legal.

Marijauana and all byproducts like CBD and THC are highly illegal in Cuba. Cuba does not recognise prescriptions for medicinal marijuana and you could face sever punishment, if you try to import a marijuana, CBD or THC vapes.

If stopped at the airport with a vape, or any other product that contains CBD or THC, the best outcome you could hope for is instant deportation. Because you have carried an illicit substance across an international border. The worst outcome, would be imprisonment for trafficking illicit substances.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

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