Drimsim | Travel SIM cards

Get the ultimate emergency travel SIM card. Works in 190+ countries.



Drimsim is the SIM card I use and recommend as an emergency SIM Card for traveling around the world.

Drimsim provides affordable internet in 190 countries. It has no monthly fees or hidden payments.And you know the prices upfront and before you turn it on.

I keep a Drimsim on me as a backup when I travel. For those times that a locally acquired SIM just wont work. Unlike SIM cards from specific carriers, Drimsim works across all available networks in the countries it operates in. Meaning that if one provider doesn’t work in a locale and another does, it switches to that other to ensure continued connectivity.

I don’t use it as my primary SIM card and instead use local cards to save even more money. But I always keep my Drimsim as a backup SIM card. Drimsim even has e-sim options (electronic SIM cards).