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Travel Insurance For Buenos Aires & Argentina (2024)

Don’t travel to Argentina without comprehensive medical insurance. Argentina has relaxed its travel restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you can ...

Don’t travel to Argentina without comprehensive medical insurance. Argentina has relaxed its travel restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you can forgo travel insurance.

You should never travel abroad without being covered by comprehensive emergency medical insurance. Whether it’s Argentina, or another country, you should always have travel insurance.

In this article, I’ll break down the two main areas of travel insurance. What I’ll call ‘medical’ and ‘other’ for the purposes of this article. With the most important type of travel insurance always being travelers medical insurance.

I use the same company to compare and buy plans my own plans, no matter which country I’m visiting. And the same plan I’ve always used in Argentina (outlined below), was a blessing to have, when I recently got stabbed in Colombia.

Argentina Travel Insurance FAQ

When will Argentina open for travel?

Argentina reopened for travel in the latter half of 2021. From August 24th 2022, you can travel to Argentina without restriction provided you have had a full course of COVID vaccination.

If you have not completed a full course of COVID-19 vaccination you will need to present a negative PCR Test that is less than 72hrs old.

Does Argentina have travel restrictions?

The only ongoing restriction is the need for visitors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you are fully vaccinated, you can travel to Argentina without hindrance.

If you have not completed a full course of COVID-19 vaccination, you will need to present a negative PCR Test that is less than 72hrs old.

From August 24th 2022, you are not required to present the affidavit “Declaración Jurada”. And you do not have to present a COVID-19 test if you are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination. You can read the official government statement.

What is Argentina’s current COVID entry requirements?

Completion of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination is an entry requirement for Argentina. If you are not fully vaccinated you will need to show a negative PCR test that is less than 72hrs old.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Argentina?

Argentina has scrapped the requirement to wear masks outdoors and in public spaces. Though the wearing of face masks is encouraged.

Do you need COVID insurance to travel to Argentina?

While it is no longer a government mandate that you show proof of COVID-19 health insurance, if you travel to Argentina without medical insurance you’re putting yourself at risk. All for the sake of saving what is now, on average, $30.

Keep reading this article. You’ll see that the only insurance that I absolutely recommend that you buy, is medical insurance.

Should I have COVID insurance to travel to Argentina?

Absolutely, but you’re not required by law to have COVID medical coverage. Yet, if you travel to Argentina without medical insurance covering COVID, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk to save pocket change.

Best travel insurance for Argentina?

There is no best travel insurance for Argentina. Travelers medical insurance is not a one size fits all endeavor. And you should select the plan that best suits your own needs.

Head over to or use the widgets on this page to find yourself medical insurance and to compare policies. And then read the rest of the article to find out why you should focus your travel insurance purchases on medical coverage.

What is the best international travel insurance For Argentina?

I use to buy medical insurance that also covers COVID-19. For all other insurance (such as theft or loss of luggage) I use credit cards with free insurance.

Unless you’re planning on doing something silly like walking through the less salubrious parts of town late at night wearing a Rolex and with a SLR hung around your neck, travelers medical insurance is all you need in Argentina.

Note: if you are going to walk through a dodgy part of town wearing a Rolex late at night, you’ll absolutely need medical insurance.

Types Of Travel Insurance – Two Broad Categories

You’ll never know in advance when you might need travel medical insurance. Or insurance covering COVID. I’ve been stuck in hotel quarantine a couple of times now, most notably in Cuba. And I’ve had a few very close calls, that saw me needing emergency medical care. Most recently, when I was stabbed.

As for COVID, rules change and they change fast. And although the world is once again open for travel and the restrictions on travel are being relaxed globally, I wouldn’t willingly travel without medical insurance that also covers COVID-19.

I’ve seen first hand the types of costs that can be accumulated for any foreign medical aid. And travel insurance for medical emergencies is the one type of travel insurance that I will always pay for.

I look at travel insurance as being broken down into two broad categories. For ease of explanation, let’s call them ‘medical’ and ‘other’. Medical is anything health related and it covers you if you get hurt or are otherwise impacted by something, well, medical. Whereas ‘other’ types of travel insurance covers your belongings and bookings.

Other Travel Insurance

The ‘other’ category of travel insurance is the type of insurance that covers stuff. Other travel insurance covers the things you take with you and the bookings you make.

Because of the type of person and traveler I am, I rarely pay for travel insurance in the ‘other’ category. I rarely book my travel plans far ahead and I take precautions to ensure that I reduce the risks of losing my stuff.

I make a point to book my flights and accommodations using my credit cards with free travel insurance. And I make myself aware of the local scams so I can avoid them. The free travel insurance I have by booking with my credit cards, is often more than enough to cover my bookings and my ‘stuff’. It also has accident insurance.

For a lost bag or a cancelled flight I can, if needed, argue with the free credit card insurance provider for weeks on end, to get reimbursed. Because reimbursement for a cancelled flight or a lost booking is not time sensitive.

Travel Medical Insurance And The Limits of Free Credit Card Insurance

If I’m hurt, or if I otherwise need urgent medical care, I don’t want to be in a position that requires me to spend days talking to insurance agents. If I need medical care, I want to be able to access it where and when I need it.

I know from reading the fine print on all my free travel credit card insurance plans, that they won’t cover COVID related costs. They exclude ‘pandemics’ from their insurance coverage. And I know from experience that free often means poor quality service.

I know these free insurance plans take days or even weeks to uphold their end. I also know that in a pinch if I’m hurt, sick or shuffled off into a quarantine hotel, I don’t want to be on Skype arguing with an insurance company. And that’s why I always pay for a top notch travel medical plan.

Medical Insurance For Travel To Argentina

Argentina no longer requires travelers to Argentina to have a medical plan covering COVID. From August 24th 2022 this requirement has been abolished. But that doesn’t mean I’d travel to Argentina (or anywhere else) without medical insurance.

Argentina does have a free universal healthcare system. But its strained and often quite dilapidated. Argentina’s free health care system, is only marginally better than the butcher shops that Cuba calls hospitals. The public healthcare system in Argentina is best left for the local Argentinians who need it. And for those who cannot afford private health coverage.

Competing with the public health system, Argentina has an extensive private health care network with American, Swiss and other providers operating throughout Argentina. And Argentina’s private healthcare providers are state of the art and world class.

Yet, these private health care providers, require you to have insurance. Not because they won’t treat you without insurance. Because they will treat you even if you don’t have insurance. Rather, these private healthcare providers require insurance because they are very expensive.

With first world medical care, comes first world prices. And first world bills with their associated bill shocks if you’re not used to paying thousands of US dollars for treatment.

Where Do I Get My Travel Insurance For Argentina?

Everyone’s mileage will vary. But because of my age, status and the particular travel medical insurance plan I chose from, for most treatments I have no out of pocket expenses with these private medical providers in Argentina.

I’ve got coverage for both medical and dental in Argentina. If I get sick, or if I’m in an accident, I’m covered with all of the best private medical providers in Argentina. I’m also covered for COVID related emergencies. If I wind up in hospital or quarantine, due to COVID, I’m covered by my travel medical insurance plan.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the pandemic is over and that this can’t happen to you. I have first hand experience of the quarantine process. It’s happened to me more than once.

I’ve also been stabbed twice in Bogotá. And I can tell you that the travel insurance I always get from Visitors Coverage has been invaluable. For a few dollars I’ve saved thousand!

Visitors Coverage traveler’s medical insurance for Argentina is available at

Best travel insurance for argentina?

There is no best travel insurance for Argentina. There is no single best provider. Or best insurance policy for Argentina. Travel insurance is not a one size fits all kind of endeavor. Instead, use the medical insurance comparison site and compare policies.

I’d strongly urge anyone traveling to always travel with a dedicated medical insurance plan. And in this new era, I would urge them to only purchase insurance plans that specifically state that they cover COVID. By specifically state COVID, I don’t mean in the fine print. If COVID coverage isn’t front and foremost on the insurance policy, I would avoid that policy and pick another.

I get my policies from the website. I compare policies by coverage and cost. And it’s the best comparison site that I’ve found for travelers medical insurance. You can visit the site or use the widgets on this page to get a quote and compare policies.

Do I Need To Wear A Mask In Argentina?

Argentina has scrapped the requirement to wear masks outdoors and in public spaces. Though the wearing of face masks is encouraged. Personally, I won’t get in a cab or other confined space, or visit a pharmacy or clinic, without a mask. If it’s a confined space or somewhere a sick person is likely to go, I wear a mask. Everywhere else, I go mask free.

If you’re anything like me, then masks have been a godsend. For years women have been telling me I’d look better with a bag over my head. And then COVID hit and proved once again, that women are always right.

My Tinder game improved when I started wearing masks. But then again, Tinder in Argentina is something to avoid. And so is the tap water in Argentina, unless you want to increase your chances of needing to use your travelers medical insurance plan.

To protect your possessions in Argentina, just be aware of the local scams. And take the same precautions you would in any big city. Buenos Aires is quite safe when it comes to armed robbery and violent crime.

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