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Tinder In Argentina

Just like everywhere else in the world, Tinder has a presence in Argentina. In this article I’ll cover whether or ...

Just like everywhere else in the world, Tinder has a presence in Argentina. In this article I’ll cover whether or not you should use Tinder in Buenos Aires and Argentina more broadly. And I’ll discuss the pitfalls you should be aware of if you decide to use Tinder in Argentina.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 years living in Buenos Aires. So, you could say I’m quite experienced when it comes to using Tinder in this country. And below, you’ll see why I recommend that you avoid using Tinder while traveling through Argentina.


Tinder In Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and largest city. It’s home to over 15 million people. And a lot of them are on Tinder in Argentina. But that doesn’t mean you should use Tinder in Buenos Aires or elsewhere in Argentina.

Mobile dating applications in Argentina don’t function as they do in western countries. In Argentina, dating apps are more commonly used to try and send traffic to Instagram and other social media pages to build followings or gain paying subscribers to adult services. You’re more often wasting your time trying to match with real people on Tinder in Argentina.

Beyond Instagram, many of the profiles you’ll encounter on Tinder in Argentina, are set up to try and attract subscribers to Onlyfans and Cafecito (local version of Onlyfans) services. Others are bypassing Onlyfans and Cafecito and just trying to sell ‘content’ straight to their matches.

As I explained to my last match on Tinder, before deleting the app from my phone, ‘content’ is free on the internet. So she might need to come up with a new business plan. Because her current business model is flawed.

Just like Tinder in Cuba, Tinder in Argentina is a place where almost everybody is looking for money. It’s not quite as bad as Cuba, but it’s damn close. Wannabe social media ‘influencers’, Onlyfans and Cafecito ‘models’ or professional working girls are the bulk of the matches that you can expect on Tinder in Argentina.

Tinder In Argentina – Transvestites, Black Widows And Gold Diggers

If you somehow manage to avoid all the social media wannabes and ‘content producers’, you’ll need to run the gauntlet of transvestites, black widows and gold diggers.

The plastic surgeons are world class in Buenos Aires. And not everyone you meet on Tinder will be their stated sex. There are bucket loads of trannies. So many transvestites, that Argentina seems on par with Thailand for its love of lady boys.

Adams Apple gif
A common occurrence on Tinder in Buenos Aires.

While the gold diggers are relatively easy to spot and avoid, black widows are an ever present (and increasing) problem in Buenos Aires. At any mention of Tinder in Buenos Aires, my Argentine friends will all immediately tell me to ‘watch out for black widows.’

I’ve never met one, seen one or heard of anyone encountering one, but apparently there are lots of dodgy women on Tinder in Argentina who will drug you in order to try and rob you. Black widows could be a myth. But it’s something to be aware of and take precautions if you’re having drinks with somebody you don’t know.

Tinder Alternatives In Argentina

There is no best dating app for Argentina. One of the things I learnt in my first six months in Buenos Aires, was where to meet people. And the best places to meet people in Argentina, are the bars.

Meet an Argentine lady at a bar and she’ll want to go home with you. Meet an Argentine lady at a coffee shop, on the street or on tinder, and you’ll need to convince her you’re ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ or the second coming of Christ, just to get her to give you her phone number and agree to a dinner date.

Argentine ladies take a lot of work. They will make you work for their attention like its your full time job and your boss expects double overtime. Basically, if you aren’t at least 6 foot tall, unique looking and interesting or funny, you’re outta luck with the Argentine ladies. And no amount of swiping right on Tinder will change that.

Instead of Tinder, go out and have a drink. Become a barfly at your favorite local bar. And you’ll meet plenty of single Argentinians. Even if you don’t get a date out of it, you’ll at least get to watch the Argentine lads chase the ladies. And that my friends, is a sight to behold.

Argentina men are considered some of the best pickup artists in the world. And dealing with Argentine women, it’s no surprise to me why that would be the case. Argentine guys will spin tales the likes of which you can’t fathom without seeing them in action.

So, ditch the dating apps in Argentina. Go out and have a drink. Spark up a conversation with passing señoritas. You’ll be glad you did.

A Tip For Dating In Argentina From An Experienced Local Expat

The one thing you’ll notice if you spend a significant amount of time in Argentina or watching the Argentine men chasing ladies, is that Argentines throw themselves wholeheartedly into their niche pursuits. Whatever hobby they have, subculture they follow or niche they subscribe to, they will often be obsessively involved.

If you can discuss Nirvana’s collected works with a grunge music fan or tattoos with a tattoo enthusiast you’ll be in good stead. If you can discuss philosophy, poetry or the arts, you’ll find your match in Argentina.

Think about what hobbies you have and what you can discuss in detail. And then go and have a drink where that crowd hangs out. If you can debate their favorite thing with them, you won’t need to chase the ladies. Because the ladies of Argentina will instead chase you.

Travel Tip: If you want to see what Tinder in Argentina looks like before you arrive. Use NordVPN and set your location to Buenos Aires.


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