Written by Kieran

Can I Drink The Tap Water In Bogotá?

The tap water in Bogotá is potable. And it tastes better than the tap water in Buenos Aires. Plus it’s ...

The tap water in Bogotá is potable. And it tastes better than the tap water in Buenos Aires. Plus it’s far less likely to make you sick like Cuban tap water.

You can drink tap water in Bogotá. You just need to be sure that you’re not in an older building with ageing plumbing.

Can I Drink Tap Water In Bogotá

The mains water in Bogotá is chemically treated to a first world standard. If you’re in any of the neighbourhoods frequented by foreigners, the tap water is almost certainly drinkable. Yet you should make sure you’re in a newer building.

Older buildings may have corroding water tanks or lead based materials in the pipes. For example I noticed that the tap water in Hotel Tequendama would on occasion run yellow.

I personally drink the tap water in Bogotá. But I only drink the tap water in newer buildings. Everywhere else I opt to purchase bottled water. Bottled water in Bogotá is both cheap and easily accessible.

What Does Bottled Water Cost In Bogota?

I buy 6 litre bottles from Rappi delivered to my door and I pay $5240COP ($1.08USD). Or about $0.18USD per litre for drinking water when I’m in older buildings.

In older buildings the tap water is sufficient for everything except drinking. And this is because I cannot be sure the pipes are lead free or that the water tanks are well maintained in older buildings.

Washing Or Brushing Your Teeth With Tap Water

Showering or brushing your teeth with tap water isn’t a problem in South or Central America. And it certainly isn’t a problem in Colombia.

Most tap water in Latin America is chemically treated with chlorine, chloramine and a host of other chemicals that will remove any biological contaminants from the tap water.

Older buildings may still have remnants of lead based pipes. Or remnants of the use of lead based solder on pipes.

Lead and other heavy metals are not a problem unless ingested (swallowed). Don’t drink the water while in the shower and don’t swallow the water while brushing your teeth and you will be fine. However if you’re in a newer building with lead free pipes, you can drink the tap water in Bogotá.

Should I Worry About Ice In My Drinks In Bogotá?

In Bogotá the tap water is chemically treated. You need not worry about getting sick if the ice in your drink is made from tap water. I’ve never been sick from the ice in my drinks in Bogotá.

Where the tap water could become a problem is if you’re drinking litres of tap water everyday and the building its coming from has lead pipes. Heavy metal contaminants build up over time (months to years).

A few ice cubes in your drinks here and there isn’t going to make you sick. And because the water in Bogotá is chemically treated you can drink the tap water. Just be sure your pipes don’t contain lead if the tap is your main source of drinking water.