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Vaping In Colombia (2024)

Vaping is legal in Colombia. In this article, I cover some of the places where you can buy vapes in ...

Vaping is legal in Colombia. In this article, I cover some of the places where you can buy vapes in Bogotá and how you should pack your vapes when bringing them into Colombia. I’ll also cover some of the basic rules you should follow when vaping, to stay out of trouble.

Vaping is legal in Colombia. Vaping is treated the same as smoking. You can vape anywhere that smoking is permitted. And you can buy vapes in all major Colombian cities, particularly in Bogotá. The legal age in Colombia to buy cigarettes or vapes is 18.

Vape Colombia
Vapes sold on ‘Rappi’ in Colombia and from most supermarkets

Can I Take My Vape To Colombia?

Yes you can take your vape device to Colombia. If you’re traveling by bus you can store and transport your device in your checked luggage. Or in the bags you take with you onto the bus.

If you’re flying into Colombia, you need to follow standard international airline rules for transporting liquids and lithium batteries. Vape devices use lithium batteries and these should never be placed in your checked baggage. The battery component should always be with you in your carry on bags.

When traveling by air, your liquid vape juice must be placed in your checked baggage. All vape juice bottles must be 100ml or less. And each bottle should be individually sealed in a clear plastic ziplock bag. Don’t take the liquids with you in your carry on bags.

Travel tip: I double bag my own vape juice bottles. And I do this, because I don’t want them leaking into my suitcase. The plane is pressurized and this can cause bottles to leak with changes in altitude. You don’t want to be trying to clean all of your clothes on arrival in Colombia.

Steps to take your vape to Colombia via airline

  1. Make sure all vape juice bottles are 100ml or less;
  2. Individually wrap each vape juice bottle in a clear plastic ziplock bag;
  3. Place the individually wrapped juice bottles into your checked luggage;
  4. Place the device and any lithium batteries into your carry on bags.

Where Can I Vape In Colombia?

You can vape anywhere that smoking is permitted. Don’t vape where smoking is prohibited. Personally, I just watch where the smokers go and and follow their lead. If people are smoking in a particular area, I will vape in that same area.

Can I vape in My Colombian accommodation?

Some accommodation providers still allow smoking in Colombia. Where smoking is permitted, you can vape. However, some Airbnb hosts may not allow smoking and the accommodation might not have a balcony.

In the event that smoking is prohibited in a particular accommodation, you should ask if they have a designated area or rooftop terrace in your building. Standing around outside your accommodation at night in Colombia, just to vape, is not recommended. And I would never do it.

Safety tip: It’s unsafe to be standing around outside any residential building at night in Colombia. Particularly if you have a predictable habit or pattern. So, find a somewhere within the building you are allowed to vape.

Where Can I Buy Vapes In Colombia?

The larger cities in Colombia have stores selling vapes. Though most are online e-commerce businesses and have less than ideal shipping and customer service.

I would recommend looking for physical stores in Bogota and Medellin. Because of the digital nomad communities in these locations, there are quite a few physical vape stores that can be found using google maps.

I’ve also found recently, that a lot of the small supermarkets and 24hr convenience stores in Bogota are now selling vapes. The prices range around the $30,000COP ($7USD) for a disposable vape. Yet, I get most of my disposable vapes delivered by Rappi.

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