Written by Kieran Proctor

Gold Diggers In Latin America

Every country has them. And though their local term may vary, their antics are always the same. They’re ‘gold diggers’ ...

Every country has them. And though their local term may vary, their antics are always the same. They’re ‘gold diggers’ by any other name.

In Latin America there’s an endless ocean of often gorgeous women who could do anything in life and go anywhere. But instead they spend their time chasing men, or being chased by men, for money.

They all think they’re different and yet they aren’t. They’re just gold diggers.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘gold diggers’ in Latin America including the local terms.

What Is A Gold Digger?

A ‘Gold Digger’ is a derogatory term for a woman who is only interested in your wallet. She isn’t after you for your personality or charm. She’s interested in what you can spend on her, give to her or what you can do for her. She won’t be at all interested in who you are.

She’s self-interested. Or in Spanish she’s ‘mujer interesada‘. She’s interested in a relationship with you for what she can get out of that relationship. Gold diggers enter into a relationship already looking toward its end.

Now, gold diggers exist the world over. They aren’t exclusive to Latin America. But the reason I need to write this post is that I get quite a lot of messages from my readers. And when my readers message me through this site they’re often in a relationship bind in Latin America.

I frequently receive messages from guys wondering if the gold digger they’re dating can change or fall in love with them. And because they’re foreign in Latin America and are considered wealthier then local men they’ve usually attracted a lot of these types of women.

What I tell these guys is that the woman they’re hoping can change is a gold digger plain and simple. I use the derogatory term gold digger because she’s self interested. She’s after what the man has and can give her. They’re not interested in the man.

Gold diggers are self-interested. They’re mujer interesada and only interested in what they can get from you. Don’t date them and if you are dating one, don’t persist with her.

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The Self Interested Woman Or ‘Mujer Interesada’

Spotting the signs and still persisting with a gold digger in Latin America is to ‘afar en el mar‘ or to ‘plow in the sea’. It’s like ‘flogging a dead horse’ in English.

Once you see the signs that your crush is a gold digger, you should kick her a$$ to the curb (politely). In Latin America there’s an endless pool of beautiful women. And no reason to persist with a gold digger.

If a latin woman is treating you like a walking wallet you should do what I do. And treat them like any other service provider. A bus driver, waiter, shop keeper or proctologist is a service provider. And you wouldn’t ask your bus driver or proctologist out to dinner. So why invite the gold digger?

Just tell her that you ‘no longer require her services’. She won’t be upset if she’s after you for money. She’s probably got several other men she’s also bleeding for money while she’s with you. You’ll never be the only man she’s working for cash.

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Can Gold Diggers Change Or Fall In Love With You?

The answer is no. A gold digger won’t change or fall in love with you. If you do end up in a long-term relationship with a woman who started out as a gold digger it’s because she’s settled for you. Not because she loves you.

What you need to understand about gold diggers and particularly Latin American women is that quite a lot of them will run around while they’re young. The nice guys who care for them will never be in contention for a relationship with them while they’re young.

Instead what happens is that they get older and their beauty begins to fade. Perhaps they even pump out a kid or two with another man. Then all the men that were interested in them begin to pay less attention to them.

They get less compliments as they get older and have less men trying to buy them pretty things and give them money. It’s at this point they turn to the ‘nice guy’.

The ‘nice guy’ in Latin America is a stooge. He’s the guy the gold diggers sponge off once their beauty begins to fade and they can no longer play several different guys at once.

Gold diggers settle down with the nice guy. Not because they like the nice guy for who he is. But because he’s the only guy that still wants them when they’re older, uglier and have a few kids.

Don’t become the stooge who ends up paying for the gold digger and somebody else’s progeny. Her poverty is not your problem.

The Cuban gold diggers play the poverty card a lot; and probably more than other latino gold diggers. The Venezuelans and Colombians use it too, but not as much.

I personally made the mistake of trying to date one Venezuelan who played the poverty card. And it turned out she was a lesbian prostitute from Santa Fe Bogotá.

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Are Gold Diggers Bad Or Illegal In Latin America?

Being a gold digger doesn’t make these women bad. And what they do isn’t illegal. In a lot of cases beauty is the only thing they’re born with. So they use it to make money.

They’re often not the brightest minds. Though they can be cunning. Yet they usually think they’re more cunning than they actually are. And once you know how to spot the tell-tale signs every gold digger has, they’re easy to detect.

How To Spot A Gold Digger in Latin America?

Just look for lots of fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton or other ostentatious luxury brands. Look out for ridiculously long finger nails, eyelash extensions and anything that makes a woman look like she’s trying to attract male attention. Because she likely is.

If you’re talking to or dating a woman in Latin America and she’s asking you for money and the excuses sound made up, they probably are. If she’s giving you a sob story and that story is followed by a request for money, she’s playing you for cash.

The second they mention their economic situation or that they need money, she’s likely a gold digger. And if she’s holding a fancy phone, dressed in fake luxury brands and has nail, hair or eyelash extensions while making the request she’s definitely a gold digger.

If she’s constantly showing you pictures of the things she likes or talking about brands of items, she wants you to buy her those things. She’s a gold digger working you for material goods.

If she’s met you in a place that has high tourist traffic and she speaks english well or at least has some english language ability combined with any of the above signs, she’s likely targeting tourists. And you’re not her first foreigner.

The real women who aren’t gold diggers don’t ask for money. They won’t give you sob stories about how poor they are. They’ll be too embarrassed to mention their economic situation. And they certainly won’t be name dropping luxury brands or constantly talking about the things they’d like to have.

If your girl or crush in Latin America is displaying any of the above signs, simply dump her and find another girlfriend. There’s an endless ocean of beautiful women in Latin America and no reason to persist with a gold digger.

Don’t be the fool who is said to ‘afar en el mar‘.

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How To Avoid Gold Diggers in Latin America?

Simply watch out for the signs outlined above. And be very skeptical of any woman you’ve met in an area that has lots of tourists. Particularly if she speaks English.

Even if you’re not dressed like you have money, you’re foreign. And virtually all latinos think all foreigners are rich. Yet if you’re from Europe, North America or Australia you are by rich by Latin American standards.

You might not be mega rich rolling around in Ferraris or Lamborghinis, but if you’re foreign the money a gold digger can get from you in pocket change is often more than she can make working an honest job. So you’ll be a target for gold diggers.

If a woman is doing her best to attract male attention or is dressed like she wants male attention and she’s approaching you, avoid her. Instead, be the one to approach women. That way you can screen out the potential gold diggers.

Instead of waiting for women to approach you, do what the latin men do. And approach the girl. But not the ones displaying the signs outlined above. Instead I flirt with women in supermarkets or waitresses and bartenders in restaurants and cafes.

If she has an honest job and you’ve met her in her workplace you at least know she works for her money. She isn’t some mooch chasing men for money. Gold diggers are lazy and rarely have real jobs.

If the girl smiling at you from behind the counter in a takeaway joint is working, speaks little to no English and appears to like you, get her WhatsApp. It’s much less likely she’s a gold digger.

If she works a real job, doesn’t have Tinder, has no fake luxury brands and has her real friends and family on her social media accounts you’re onto a winner. She’s most likely to be real. These are the keepers. The real women you should date in Latin America.

Real girls work for their money. Whereas gold diggers mooch off men. The exception to the rule are Cubans. Never date Cubans. They’re all gold diggers whether they work or not.

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How To call a woman a ‘gold digger’ in spanish?

Depending on the part of Latin America you’re in or the gold digger is from, there are many different ways to say gold digger. Some are local terms like ‘Jinetera‘ (Cuba) or ‘Brichera’ (Peru). And others are general terms that apply everywhere in the Spanish speaking world.

Here’s a handy list of my favourite terms for ‘gold diggers’.

Mujer interesadaLiterally ‘self-interested woman’
OportunistaFemale ‘opportunist’
CazafortunasFemale ‘fortune hunter’
AprovechadaFemale ‘freeloader’, ‘deadbeat’ or ‘gold digger’ – someone who exploits others
VividoraFemale ‘mooch’, ‘freeloader’, ‘socialite’ or ‘gold digger’ – Basically a bimbo
SangrándoloTranslates into ‘bleeding him’
JineteraCuban slang for gold digger – It means ‘jockey’ and originates from a speech by Castro
BricheraPeruvian slang for gold digger – a woman targeting foreigners