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How To Date Latin Women

I’m going to start this article by stating from the outset that there are exceptions to the rule. And that ...

I’m going to start this article by stating from the outset that there are exceptions to the rule. And that this article is based on my own experiences living in the countries mentioned for months at a time. Sometimes years.

I should also add that I’ve dated women at all ends of the social spectrum. I’ve dated Latino women who don’t have 2 coins to rub together through to the ultra rich.

I’ve even dated those with famous surnames. But we’ll get to that Cuban with an Argentinian surname later, stay tuned.

Now, the countries I’m going to mention in this article are the ones with the most misinformation out there on the internet.

The women I’ll discussed in this article are from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela.

Though I did almost marry a high society persian and I have dated American, Australian, Canadian and British women. With a few other Latinos and Asians thrown in for good measure.

Yeah, I get around. And you should think of me like Charlie Sheen’s character in ‘Two And A Half Men’. But without the other one and a half men.

So, here’s what you need to know about dating Argentinian, Colombian, Cuban and Venezuelan women.

But first, let’s clear up some common concerns among westerners dating in Latin countries. Particularly those misconceptions about dating apps like Tinder. 

Is Tinder Dangerous In Latin America?

There seems to be a common misconception out there on the internet that every woman you meet on Tinder is only out to do you wrong. And thats not the case.

The ‘black widows’ or scammers on dating apps like Tinder in Latin American countries do exist. But they’re not as prolific as the internet makes them out to be.

Not every woman on Tinder in Colombia or Argentina is going to try to drug or rob you. They aren’t all gold diggers.

Gold diggers and black widows do exist on dating apps like Tinder in Latin America. But they’re few in number and easy to spot.

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Dangerous Women On Tinder In Latin America

Tinder scammers and criminals will always match with you in the first few days after you arrive. And then they won’t match with you again. You can wait them out.

They’re trying to get to you before you have the lay of the land. Before you understand the culture, scams, money and how much you should be paying for things.

Your best bet is to hold off dating in these countries until you understand how the society works. That way you’ll know when something isn’t quite right.

Tinder scams are always a two way street. Particularly in places like Colombia.

It takes two to tango. It takes a scammer and a sucker (you).

How To Identify Dangerous Women On Tinder In Latin America

If a woman much younger than yourself has matched with you on Tinder and wants to meet right then and there that day, it’s a red flag.

You should not ignore the red flags. If you take her out or invite her to your house then you’re walking right into her scam. It’s your own fault.

If you have a face, to use an Australian colloquialism, ‘like a smashed crab’ and a gorgeous woman half your age wants to go out with you, it’s very likely to be a scam.

If you’re ugly at home you’re still ugly in Latin America.

Always remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it always is when dating in Latin America. And the Tinder scams in places like Colombia only work if you’re gullible enough to fall for them.

You can also spot the gold diggers in Latin countries by looking for pictures of your Tinder matches family members.

Latinos are family oriented.

If there’s no pictures of her family members and friends it’s likely you’ve matched with a gold digger. Or she’s a scammer. Or your new found Tinder match is a ‘black widow’ ready to drug you and steal everything you have.

Scantily clad or suggestive photos of just the woman with no friends or family members in photos anywhere online is a major red flag.

If she doesn’t have an Instagram linked to Tinder that’s an even bigger red flag. Latino women love to gain followers on Instagram.

Background Check Your Tinder Matches In Latin America

She may even be using photos of somebody else. If it’s just a single scantily clad woman in the photos, you should reverse image search her images.

Google her WhatsApp and any details you can get from her profile.

It might sound like stalking. But once you’re long term in these countries you quickly realise everyone does it. That’s one of the things you learn if you hold off dating until you’ve been here a while.

Once you’ve got the lay of the land and understand the culture, scams and money situation sure, use Tinder in countries like Colombia if you want.

Dating apps are not dangerous in Latin America. But they are boring. 

Tinder Is Boring In Latin America

Personally I prefer going out to bars or meeting ladies through friends. And most matches and dating opportunities in Latin America come about through social situations and friends.

Latinos are family oriented and close with their friends and family. The opinions of their friends and family matter to them a lot.

If you’re ever wanting to actually date a women let alone meet ‘the one’, the opinions of her friends and family members will be critical.

Some random guy on Tinder is almost never going to be a serious prospect. Which is why there are relatively few women looking for serious matches on Tinder in Latin America.

It’s also why the women from these countries often get labelled as flakey. If they don’t consider you a serious prospect they’ll never treat you like you are worth their effort.

Latin Women Are Not Flakey They Just Don’t Value Tinder Matches

They might flirt, set a date and then no show. It’s because your not in contention in any serious way. You’re just some random man they met one day or matched with online.

And this is another reason dating apps get a bad rap from foreigners visiting these countries. They don’t understand the culture.

I’ve met almost all the women I’ve dated in Argentina, Colombia and Cuba via friends or through regular social interactions.

I met my last girlfriend while ordering a sandwich at Subway. And while I could make a joke about how she made me a foot long and I gave her a foot long in return, I won’t. But I did get the nod of approval from her colleagues and friends. So I got real dates.

When you meet Latin women in regular social situations they’re often very easy to start conversations with.

They’ll talk to anyone who isn’t dressed like a hobo and who has some personality. It’s easy to get their phone numbers or WhatsApp.

The slight exception is Argentine women. They’re more difficult in regular day to day social interactions.

Argentine women are more difficult in regular social situations because Argentine men will chase anything and everything in a skirt. And they’re used to being chased (and harassed) constantly.

But in a bar with their friends Argentine women are much more relaxed and easier to flirt with. And even though they’re more difficult to meet in everyday social interactions, they’re just as disinterested in dating random Tinder matches as every other Latino woman.

Tinder Is A Waste Of Time In Latin America

Tinder has the same success rate amongst all the countries mentioned in this article. You will just need to have more game in Argentina.

In Cuba Tinder is a bit of a desert. Because there’s no serious prospects of a relationship from dating apps like Tinder for the reasons outlined above, the good girls don’t bother joining.

So Tinder in Cuba is really just a field of gold diggers and Jinateras. They’ve spent money in the hopes they’ll make money sponging off a foreigner. 

Tinder In Cuba

Instead Of Tinder Dress Better And Learn Some Jokes

Dressing well and having personality is your best option if you want to date in Argentina, Colombia or Cuba.

If you look homeless and have a personality to match, you’ve got no game. And no chance of a date in Latin America or the Carribean.

First impressions get the ball rolling. And then getting the nod of approval from her friends and family members kicks things up to that next level.

If you’ve made a good first impression on her and her friends or family members give you the nod, it’s kinky time. She’ll have no problem taking you home and banging you like a bongo drum.

There’s no real social hangups regarding sex amongst the women from these countries. Though you need to have a place as she likely lives with family if she’s single and living in Colombia or Cuba.

Argentine women and Venezuelans living in Colombia are an exception. Both of these ladies likely have their own small apartments or live with friends. Yet you’re still better off acting like a man and having your own place.

Which Latin Country Has The Most Beautiful Women?

Not Cuba. All the sexy ladies in Cuba have fled to greener pastures. You’ll find the best Cuban women in Miami. The only thing you’ll find in Cuba are less attractive gold diggers and semi pro hookers.

Venezuelan and Colombian women are the most beautiful women of Latin America. It’s hard to pick between them but I just prefer the Venezuelan ladies in Colombia.

The Venezuelan ladies in Colombia are gorgeous. They love anything involving food, family, friends or puppies. And they hate communist dictatorships. They’re often very smart (unlike Cuban women).

The Colombian ladies are surprisingly similar to the Venezuelans. Though to alter Hungry Jacks tagline, ‘the booties (not burgers) are better from Venezuela’.

Venezuelan women often have the perfect personalities and intellect. All wrapped up in gorgeous bodies with hourglass figures and year round tans. And boy are they outgoing and affectionate.

When you’re dating a Latin woman and you’re with a Venezuelan or Colombian lady, you’ll be king. She will be the most loving and affectionate woman you’ve ever dated.

Argentine women come in a close third. They’re often skinnier and with less junk in the trunk if you get my meaning.

Dating Latin Women In Argentina

Argentine women are less affectionate and more like cats. One minute they love you and the next they want to scratch out your eyes. Argentine women can be a pain to date on a longer term basis.

But in saying that, if you meet the right Argentine woman they can be a fantastic partner. But they can also make your life a living hell. As they frequently alternate between loving you and hating you.

I have over 2 years living in Argentina and I’d always take a Venezuelan or Colombian lady over an Argentine. Venezuelan and Colombian women are solid partner material. Argentine women more often than not just aren’t partner material.

Argentine women when they’re in a good mood are a lot of fun. And when they’re in a bad mood they are hell on earth. And they’ll go all scorched earth on you trying to bring you down to their level.

Thankfully I’m a 6ft tall and heavily tattooed Australian. Not much bothers me and Argentine women can’t quite work out how to push my buttons.

Argentine women also like to be chased and they can’t quite work out how to make me chase them. So I have the advantage with Argentine women. But if you’re not like me or unique in some way, you’ll likely have a rough time with the women in Argentina.

Argentine Women

Dating Latin Women In Colombia

Telenovelas have really had their impact in Colombia. And women in Colombia are kind of old fashioned. They appreciate when you open doors, pull out chairs and pay for dinner.

Women in Colombia are romantic to their core. And this also goes for the Venezuelans women that are in Colombia. They love romantic gestures.

Colombian and Venezuelan women in Colombia are romantic. But they’re also partner material. They can be fierce when needed. But they won’t just throw a fit for attention like an Argentine woman.

If you’ve done something to upset a Colombian or Venezuelan woman you’ll know about it. But they won’t just randomly get mad at you for no reason.

Both the Colombian and Venezuelan women in Colombia are smart, beautiful and romantic. But the Venezuelans in Colombia just beat out the Colombian women.

A Venezuelan can be your beer drinking, barbecuing, puppy patting gym partner one minute and your dirty birdie the next.

Dating a Venezuelan woman is like dating a man who loves all the things you love. But wrapped up in a gorgeous physique that they love to show off.

Just be sure not to date a Venezuelan prostitute from Santa Fe. I’ve made that mistake before and you can read about here.

Venezuelan Woman

Dating Cubans – Don’t Date Cubans

Cubans in Cuba are the worst women you can date. Hands down or hand to god the worst women are Cuban. They’re always a pain in the @ss. And they’re always after money.

Dating a Cuban in Cuba is like dating a poor version of Disney’s Scrooge McDuck. Even the richest Cuban’s in Cuba are broke and always looking for money. And even the most devoted of Cuban girlfriends is still a gold digger.

Don’t date Cuban’s in Cuba. They’re just not worth the hassle.

Yet looks wise a Cuban doesn’t even compare to a Colombian or Venezuelan lady. They’re not even in the same league. Even an Argentine when she’s angry at you is still a million times more gorgeous and loveable.

A Cuban woman in Cuba is, to use another Australian colloquialism, ‘about as cuddly as a box of broken glass’. And that goes for women in Cuba at all levels of society.

I’ve dated poor women in Cuba and I’ve dated the richer casa particular and business owners. All had the same Cuban broom stick up their @sses. They were all f**king annoying.

Gifts for Cuban Women

Dating A Guevara In Cuba – The Only Thing Worse Than Dating A Cuban!

Heck, I’ve even dated Che Guevara’s granddaughter in Cuba. And even she was trying to wrangle luxury goods and electronics from me.

Sorry hun, I knew what you were up to. All of your housekeepers would often message me everything via WhatsApp. Cuba is like living in a terrible telenovela or a real life West World.

On one outing where I spent more on lunch than the average Cuban makes in a month, I must have heard about how she wants a new iPhone at least 50 times.

I found out from her housekeeper (a friend) who looks after her mother and grandmother that she was asking who I might have gifted a phone too. Like she was jealous of who I gave stuff too and that she didn’t get everything for herself.

Dating a Guevara in Cuba was like dating someone who had the worst traits of Argentine and Cuban women all rolled up into one package. Was she gorgeous? definitely. Was she a pain in the @ss? absolutely.

Like an Argentine she’d randomly pick fights for no reason. And at other times she’d be loving but like every other Cuban, she’d want something. And she wasn’t even ‘revolutionary’ in bed.

Dating a communist dictatorship hating Venezuelan lady is a million times better than a Cuban. And infinitely better than a Guevara in Cuba.

If you’re going to be dating latin women, always choose the Venezuelans. They’re the perfect partners and they have booty for days. Plus they can do things with their booties you can’t even dream of.

Dating Latino Women Conclusions

Not all latin nations have the same culture and heritage. There are differences and similarities. Yet Colombia is the land of beautiful señoritas.

If you’re wanting to date beautiful, smart, romantic women Bogotá Colombia should be your primary destination. Dating latin women is amazing. Provided they aren’t Cuban. Or an Argentine woman when she’s having a bad day.

They’re oriented to their family and friends and often much more intellectual than your average American, Australian or British woman. They work and study hard. Yet they still find time for their boyfriends.

Dating latin women is perfection. And dating latin women is what I’ll keep doing. My adventures around the world and my opportunity to date latin women is funded by this blog. By display ads in particular.

Every four (4) clicks is worth a beer. And I drink a lot of beer. It’s the free way you can support me to write more articles about dating latin women (wink wink). Or answer all your country specific enquiries.

So click something.

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