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Review Of Finca Vista Hermosa – A Farm To Table Restaurant Just Outside Havana

Finca Vista Hermosa is located just outside Havana in Guanabacoa. It’s a farm to table restaurant specialising in traditional Cuban ...

Finca Vista Hermosa is located just outside Havana in Guanabacoa. It’s a farm to table restaurant specialising in traditional Cuban cuisine. It’s the ultimate foodies day trip from Havana Cuba.

Here’s everything you need to know about Finca Vista Hermosa and how to get there.


The Ultimate Cuban Food Tour Destination

Most Cuban food tours are just rubbish. You’ll see and experience food that could be sampled virtually anywhere else in the world. Except it will be of a lower quality and have a high probability of making you sick.

Instead of a food tour in Havana or lunch in a Cuban home, which is what every other tourist in Havana does, you should visit an authentic Cuban farm to table restaurant. If you’re wanting to sample the best traditional food that Cuba has to offer, a farm to table restaurant is your best option.

Cuban food can often be hit or miss. A restaurant or food tour that is superb one day can be atrocious the next. But by visiting a self-sustainable farm to table restaurant you’re guaranteeing that you’ll get the best Cuban food at a fraction of the price. And it’s guaranteed to be fresh.

Finca Vista Hermosa – how to Get There

Finca Vista Hermosa is a Cuban farm to table restaurant located in Guanabacoa Cuba. It’s located approximately 45 minutes outside central Havana Cuba. It’s open Friday to Sunday.

Finca Vista Hermosa is the ultimate foodies day trip from Havana. You can reach Finca Vista Hermosa using either an organised food tour from Havana (not recommended) or as we did, without the tour guide and using La Nave.

La Nave is the Cuban Uber mobile application that operates just like the Uber you’re familiar with. In order to use La Nave you will need a Cuban SIM card. And with La Nave you can get around Cuba like a local.

That’s why La Nave is one of my four (4) most important mobile applications for Cuba.

For 4 people in a La Nave from Havana we paid 2500 Cuban Pesos (CUP). Which at the Cuban exchange rate that day was roughly $12USD.

Activities At Finca Vista Hermosa

Finca Vista Hermosa is a place for both the young and the young at heart. When visiting Finca Vista Hermosa you can go horse riding and take in unparalleled views out over Guanabacoa and it’s surrounds.

The horses are well trained and the horseback tours are managed by a Cuban ‘guajira’ (traditional Cuban cowboy). Who also takes you on a tour of the farm either after your horse ride or after lunch.

As a sustainable farm that is entirely self-sufficient you can tour the premises and learn about the origin and history of Cuba’s sustainable farming practices. And see where each ingredient used by the onsite restaurant comes from.

Onsite Farm To Table Restaurant

Once you’ve toured the farm and taken a ride across the countryside you can sit down for lunch. This is the part that all the foodies in your group will look forward to the most. Everything on the menu is fresh from the farm that day.

The onsite restaurant has an extensive selection of traditional Cuban cuisine and fantastic cocktails. All with a view out over the farm and its surrounding countryside.

The bar and waitstaff are first class. And you should take their recommendations into consideration when viewing the menu. We did and the food and drinks were spectacular.

A favourite cocktail among our group was the Cuban mojito with fresh sugarcane juice. While our favourite starter was the focaccia with fresh cheeses. While I had the Ropa Vieja with yucca as main course. And it was the best Ropa Vieja I had in Cuba.

For the four of us the total bill for lunch was 8000 Cuban pesos (CUP). Or roughly $51 USD at the exchange rate that day. An amazing lunch and fantastic cocktails for such a low price compared to what you’ll pay for mediocre food in Havana.

We love Finca Vista Hermosa!

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