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Extending A Tourist Visa In Cuba

Your visa is about to expire and you want an extension, so you can stay longer on the island. Visa ...

Your visa is about to expire and you want an extension, so you can stay longer on the island. Visa renewals and extensions in Cuba are a relatively straightforward process, once you know how to do it.

Here’s a step by step guide to the Cuban visa renewal process. Along with what you should and should not do, based on my own experience of visa extensions in Cuba.

Dress Appropriately When Visiting Cuban Immigration

It’s visa renewal day and you’re trying to decide what to wear. Well, think of it like a job interview. A job interview where you have to line up all day, in a humid climate without air-conditioning.

Like any job ‘interview’, you can’t wear shorts or open shoes (i.e. flip flops, crocs or sandals). You should also be careful which shirt you wear. Because if the staff members at the immigration office don’t like what you’re wearing, they can and likely will, turn you away.

And once you’ve decided what you’ll wear, do try not to melt in the humidity. While wearing jeans, boots, shirt and face mask. Because, if you look like you’re dying, they can and likely will, turn you away.

Think of the Cuban visa extension process as the world’s toughest job interview. One where they’re testing you for character, mental fortitude and strength of will.

Picture them trying to see if you have what it takes, to remain on the island. And not have your torch extinguished and be voted off the island, like the TV show ‘Survivor’.

Though in reality, the Cuban visa extension process is more like a mashup of ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘Survivor’. Good luck, future contestants!

Who To Take When Extending A Visa In Cuba

Once you’ve put on your Sunday best and are dressed for cooler climates, despite being in the tropics, the next step of the process is to corral your host and have them do the same.

Your host has likely sensed that you’ll need to extend your visa, and they will be hiding from you. Generally, the best way to locate and convince your host to accompany you on your quest, is with a gangster level trap. And the promise of post immigration beers.

You can text your host on WhatsApp and watch for those two blue ticks to appear, indicating your message has been read, only to get no reply. However, instead, I’d suggest you just turn up to your hosts house unannounced and dressed to impress. And tell them you’re taking them somewhere fancy for drinks and that they should get equally dressed up, to accompany you.

Regardless of which approach you take to get your host to accompany you to immigration, if you don’t turn up with your host they can, and likely will, turn you away.

Paying The Visa Extension Fee In Cuba

On your way to immigration, you will need to pay the renewal fee and have it stamped onto your Tajeta Del Turista, also called a tourist ticket, tourist boleto or tourist card. It’s the card you entered Cuba with and hopefully haven’t lost.

In a bygone era, the fee to renew a visa in Cuba was 25CUC and equivalent to about $25USD. Now, when I did my last renewal in January 2023, it was 25CUP and equivalent to less than $1USD. The price can and might fluctuate, but it should be less than what you paid to get the original Tarjeta Del Turista for entry into Cuba.

Unlike other government processes and establishments in Cuba, you can pay this one in local currency in cash. However, you will need to line up.

If you’re visiting the immigration office in Vedado, you can locate a bank or post office that will accept payments and give you the required stamp, in the ground level shops under the FOCSA Building in Vedado.

This lovely 1 star shopping establishment in FOCSA has 3 entry points, but only 1 will be open on any given day. When you’re walking around the outside of the building, trying to find the open entry point, beware of the unmarked car sized holes in the footpath.

These holes drop through the pavement and down to the basement garage below. If you drop 5+ meters into a pit of garbage and broken bottles, your time in the amazing Cuban visa race will be over.

When you do get inside the building, you’ll probably encounter lines. On the day we went, the line was for chicken. Apparently, there was a chicken shortage on the island, despite the island being covered in chickens.

Even the park outside the building, had chickens…

Visiting The Cuban Immigration Office

Having selected your armor or attire, recruited your campaign partner and survived all the trials and tribulations so far, to reach immigration, you’ll be confronted with the second and more mysterious type of Cuban line.

You and your host will need to walk around playing Marco Polo, asking where the end of the line is while listening for your opponent to declare their whereabouts. Once located, memorise this individual and stay behind them.

Be sure to have your passport, Tarjeta Del Turista, insurance papers and a receipt for your accommodation in hand. When it’s finally time to enter the dreaded immigration officer’s lair, you’ll need these items with you to fend off her fiery verbal assault.

Expect to be asked multiple times, to prove your address in Cuba and your insurance coverage. The first can be dealt with by handing her your receipt for accommodation and using your Cuban host, as a human shield.

The second, by having either a Cuba specific insurance policy with ‘Cuba’ written all over it. Or a global policy, where you keep saying ‘global’ and ‘whole world’ repeatedly, while still using your host as a human shield.

Once you’ve defeated the dreaded immigration officers questions, your quest is still not finished. She will take your passport and send you and your host back outside, to wait even longer still.

At this point, you’ll be thirsty and quite hungry. As you’ve likely been in lines all day. Don’t call for a pizza and beers on Mandao, while you’re waiting. They frown on such things.

Thirty minutes to an hour, after answering all the immigration officers questions, they will reemerge from their lair and hand you back your passport. You’ve survived and successfully finished your quest!

Afterwards | Conclusion

Having successfully renewed your visa, it’s now time to make good on the beer and promises you bribed your host with.

You can renew your visa 2 times. So, if you’re from a country with a 30 day initial visa, you can stay on the island for a total of 90 days each trip. The renewal process is the same each and every time.

Should the Cuban government make visa renewals digital, taking them online, they could likely save the tourists, casa particular hosts and immigration staff quite a lot of time and paperwork.

If the process was online, the Cuban government would also be able to charge higher fees. And use payment processors based overseas and denominated in foreign currency. So only time will tell if this farcical process continues in its current form.

Taking my host and his grandma (abuela) out for drinks after renewing my visa.

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