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Cuba | Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol flows like water in Cuba and the best way to get alcohol is delivery. Shortages and lines are the ...

Alcohol flows like water in Cuba and the best way to get alcohol is delivery. Shortages and lines are the bane of everyone whose spent more than a week or two in Cuba.

Here’s how to avoid the lines and have that sweet sweet alcohol delivered directly to your casa particular or hotel.

Alcohol in Cuba

To put it simply, in Cuba alcohol and beer in particular, is a medical necessity. Beer is both the nectar of the gods and a life saving necessity.

If you’ve never drank Cuban water here’s a tip in the form of wise words imparted on me by a diplomat stationed on the island – ‘Cuban water is so hard you could step on it’. And how right he is.

Boiling down Cuban bottled water or simply letting it evaporate reveals large chunks of white mineralised powder. The bottled water in Cuba is so hard it’s harder than Canadian beer. If you’re a teetotaller or straight edge and spending a long duration on the island, you’re at risk of getting kidney stones.

Thankfully there is the nectar of the gods, beer. A gift from heaven that acts as a diuretic and will have you peeing like a fully open fire hydrant after only a couple of pints.

A few ‘Denzel Frothingtons’ or a couple of ‘Froth Whitlams’, maybe even a ‘David Hasselfroth’ and you’ll have removed all that nasty Cuban water.

But where should you get your ‘Chug Norris’ or ‘Dalai Lagers’ if you want to avoid the long Cuban lines? Here’s 3 places I found that deliver.

Alcohol delivery in Cuba

Australia Cafe

It’s in the name. It’s Australian what more do you need to know. If there’s ever a need for alcohol to whom do you give the task? The Aussies. There’s two things Australians do the best. Barbecuing things and finding alcohol.

Finding booze and barbecuing meats are an Australian super power. Booze and barbecue are about the only two things we Australians do well. Ever heard of Bob Hawke? He was Prime Minister of Australia and holds the world record for downing a yard glass.

Just shoot the lads at Australia Cafe a message on WhatsApp with what you need, when and where and they’ll find it and get back to you. If an Aussie can’t find a beer it doesn’t exist. Why? Just look at who they elect to lead the country…


Mandao is the UberEats of Cuba. UberEats in Cuba is itself about as useful as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. That’s why the Cuban’s have Mandao. And Mandao is awesome.

Mandao is one of our four most important mobile apps to have in Cuba. If you don’t have Mandao in Cuba you’ve got nothing. And if you haven’t read the article on the four most important apps to have in Cuba your Netflix and chill sessions probably look like an episode of gone with the wind.

She’ll be twirling her way out of your life to go and find somebody who does know how to use Mandao.


micerveza.com comes in at number 3 because it’s based out of Canada. The Canadians are always behind the Aussies when it comes to finding beers. And where the Aussies can always find any form of booze then and there, the Canadians are always 3 days late to the party and carrying poutine.

micerveza.com is a website likely owned by the Cuban Government or in partnership with the Cuban Government and it will deliver beer directly to your address if you buy it via the website in $CAD. Delivery takes 3-7 days on average if your selected brew is in stock.

micerveza.com is the handy backup to have and in $CAD is reasonably priced given it has free delivery to anywhere on the island. Definitely bookmark micerveza.com for your time in Cuba.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made a Cuba Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) available on this website. And I would strongly advise you to read it before travelling to Cuba.

My Cuba FAQ page will save you a lot of time and a significant amount of money on your trip to Cuba. Cuba is not the sort of destination in which you can just arrive unprepared.

Read the Cuba FAQ Page here.