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Use InDrive In Bogotá – It’s Better than Uber In Colombia!

Bogotá, the vibrant heart of Colombia, is a sprawling metropolis that can be overwhelming to navigate. But fret not, InDrive ...

Bogotá, the vibrant heart of Colombia, is a sprawling metropolis that can be overwhelming to navigate. But fret not, InDrive has been a game-changer in the city’s transportation scenario.

InDrive in Bogotá is now a popular choice among locals and tourists alike, edging out Uber and other ride-hailing services. Not only is InDrive cheaper than Uber in Bogotá, it’s also more convenient and less likely to have drivers continually accept and then cancel rides.

Why Choose InDrive in Bogotá?

In a bustling city like Bogotá, having a reliable and efficient transportation option is crucial. Here’s why Indrive is the perfect choice:

  1. Popularity: Indrive’s popularity in Bogotá ensures a myriad of drivers on the road. This means less waiting time and more options for riders.
  2. Quality: The cars are generally of a higher standard compared to traditional taxis. And InDrive is much safer than a traditional taxi in Bogotá. You can expect vehicles with air conditioning and ample trunk space for luggage.
  3. Transparency: With InDrive, you know the fare in advance, which eliminates any unpleasant surprises. Because you set the price and you only pay what you’re willing to pay for that ride.
  4. No ‘surge’ pricing: Uber’s ‘surge’ pricing during busy periods has always been a point of contention with the app. Globally it’s a pain to deal with, but in Bogotá it’s a real problem. Uber drivers will continually accept and then cancel rides to try and trigger surge pricing. This causes chaos for users of Uber in Bogotá. InDrive has no surge pricing.
Using InDrive In Bogotá - It's Better than Uber In Colombia!
Use Indrive in Bogotá!

Can I Use InDrive From The El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá?

InDrive functions at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá. You’ll have no problem getting a ride from the airport to your hotel or AirBnB using InDrive.

InDrive is much safer than taking a taxi from the airport or from anywhere else around Bogotá. Taxis can be downright dangerous in Bogotá. Particularly at night.

Acquiring the InDrive App

The first hurdle that you may encounter is downloading the InDrive app. Due to regional restrictions, the app might not be available for download on your app store if your account is not linked with Colombia.

You can get around regional restrictions by using a VPN. A VPN will also secure your device and allow you to change what Google and other search engines show you in your search results when you’re researching your holiday.

I use NordVPN on all my devices in Bogotá and would’t travel without it. NordVPN is available from or click the banner below.

Use NordVPN in Bogotá!

Android Users

For Android users, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Or accessed through your web browser after you create an account.

Just visit

Apple Users

For Apple users, the availability of the InDrive App for iPhone may depend on your region (which you can change with a VPN). Alternatively, InDrive can be accessed through your web browser after you create an account.

Just visit

Setting Up InDrive for The First Time

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the setup process is quite straightforward. You’ll need to provide your phone number, name and an email address. After a few rides, the app may prompt you to link your Facebook or Google accounts.

Booking Your First Ride on InDrive

Booking a ride with InDrive is a unique experience. You input your location and destination, but here’s the twist – you also state the fare that you are willing to pay.

This innovative feature allows riders to have a say in the pricing, making InDrive better than Uber in Bogotá in terms of rider control and transparency. Drivers can’t accept a ride and then repeatedly cancel in order to try and trigger surge pricing, like they do with Uber in Bogotá.

Selecting the Best Offer on InDrive

Once you’ve placed your request, drivers will receive a notification and may offer their services. You have the liberty to choose your preferred driver based on their offer.

Some drivers might propose a higher price if they find your initial offer too low. And some might just propose a higher price to see if you’ll accept it. My advice is to wait a minute or two. There are many thousands of InDriver’s in Bogotá and more than one will likely accept.

Using InDrive In Bogotá - It's Better than Uber In Colombia!
Use Indrive in Bogotá!

Communicating with Drivers

Expect a phone call from your driver once you’ve confirmed your booking. This practice seems to be common in Colombia and allows for instant communication between the driver and the rider.

If you’re not proficient in Spanish, just use Google Translate to translate a message and send it to the driver through InDrive. You can also set your language in your InDrive account, so the driver can check and see you don’t speak Spanish.

If you don’t speak Spanish it wont be a problem using the app. And it won’t lead to price gouging or gringo pricing. Because with the InDrive app you control the price and the drivers can choose to take it or leave it.

Relaying Your Destination

Interestingly, you may have to relay your destination to the driver again. It appears that some drivers initially prefer confirmation from you. Just to ensure you aren’t sending them to a fake destination.

Once you’ve taken a ride or two and you have been rated by other drivers, you’ll find that the drivers will be less likely to ask you where you’re going. Because by then they know you’re a genuine customer.

Payment to Drivers Using InDrive

Currently, InDrive only accepts cash payments in Bogotá. So always ensure that you have some cash on hand when using this service. I get my cash in Bogotá from Western Union.

Generally, it’s best if you have the exact amount you offered and that was accepted by your driver. That way you don’t need to get change from your driver. And remember, Bogotanos don’t typically tip taxi drivers, Uber drivers or InDrivers.

So you don’t need to tip unless you feel their service was excellent. And by excellent I mean you shouldn’t tip unless you feel that the driver went above and beyond for you.

The legal status of ride-hailing apps like InDrive in Colombia is no longer murky. Similar to Uber and other services, InDrive now operates in a gray area where the existing legislation doesn’t not fully align with the realities of the sharing economy.

You’ll find on all the ride-sharing apps that when you book a pop-up comes up stating that it’s a private rental contract between you and the driver. Just ignore this message as it’s the mobile applications way of getting around restrictive legislation.

Despite past complexities, InDrive continues to thrive in Bogotá, proving that there is a strong demand for such services in the city. Mainly because nobody in Bogotá entirely trusts the taxis.

With its unique features and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that InDrive is better than Uber in Bogotá and has become a preferred choice for getting around Bogotá for many. Doing away with Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ model was a godsend in Bogotá.

Remember, the decision to use any service is ultimately yours. Evaluate your options, consider the pros and cons, and choose the mode of transport that best suits your needs. And if you do opt for InDrive like me, then I hope this guide helps you navigate the streets of Bogotá with ease.

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InDrive is available at

Using InDrive In Bogotá - It's Better than Uber In Colombia!
Use Indrive in Bogotá!

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