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Direct Flights Between Havana Cuba & Bogotá Colombia

Explore the vibrant culture and history of Cuba, from the heart of Colombia. Or explore the Colombian Capital, from Cuba. ...

Explore the vibrant culture and history of Cuba, from the heart of Colombia. Or explore the Colombian Capital, from Cuba. With the Colombian airline Wingo, you can fly direct between Colombia and Cuba, and avoid transiting in the United States. Saving you from paying the ludicrous US visa fees.

If you’re planning on visiting Cuba, and like me you’re not an American citizen, you need to avoid transiting in the USA. And that means doing what I do, and avoiding all American airlines. Here’s why I choose Wingo and what I pay.

Direct Flights Between Bogotá And Havana

Planning your next getaway to the vibrant, culture-rich country of Cuba from Bogotá, Colombia? Or maybe you’re in Cuba and want to escape to the much more vibrant city of Bogotá? Well, you’re in for a treat!

With budget-friendly airfares and multiple flight options, the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination. Here’s all the information you need to book your flight and start your Colombian or Cuban adventure.

Airfare Pricing Between Bogotá And Havana

The cost of air tickets fluctuates often. In the past 48 hours, I’ve seen rates as low as USD $138, although they may vary at the time of booking. To get the best deals, keep an eye out for price changes and book your tickets when you spot a good deal.

Note: All airfares are inclusive of all taxes, surcharges and fees but do not include additional services.

Among the numerous flight routes available, flying from Bogotá (BOG) (and Medellin (MDE)) to Havana (HAV), is a favorite among travelers. And personally, the Bogotá to Havana route, is my own favorite way into Cuba.

The Bogotá to Havana route offers competitive fares, starting from USD $138 (today). And the flights are direct, avoiding the United States. The flight takes approximately 3hrs, making it nice and short. Though the websites do state 3.5hrs, I’ve never had a flight take that long.

Avoiding transit in the United States, saves anyone who’s not a US passport holder, $160 USD in visa fees for the United States. It also makes the process for entering Cuba, much less complicated.

Booking Tips For Flying To Cuba From Colombia

Booking your flight at the right time can make a significant difference in your travel expenses. Here are a few tips to help you score the best deals:

Travel Duration Between Bogotá And Havana

The flight duration from Bogotá, Colombia to Havana, Cuba is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. However, the exact time may vary based on the specific flight route and weather conditions. In my own experience, it normally takes between 2.5hrs and 3hrs to fly direct, between Bogotá and Havana.

Services On Flights To Cuba

Although the airfares are economical, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Enjoy top-notch in-flight services, that ensure a smooth and pleasant journey. With the Colombian airline Wingo, you have 3 ticket classes (Basic, Plus and Premium).

The ‘Basic’ class has no checked baggage or extra services. The Premium class ticket has checked baggage, a wheeled carry on bag and a backpack. Premium also has priority boarding, flexible ticketing and a larger seats.

I only recommend flying Wingo Premium class between Bogotá and Havana, because you will need the extra checked baggage allowance, if you’re visiting Cuba. If you’ve read my other articles on Cuba, or seen my YouTube channel, you will know that you need to pack a lot more for Cuba, than you normally would for other destinations. Because medicines and other goods can be hard to find in Cuba.

Baggage Policies On flights To Cuba

Before packing your bags, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the airline’s baggage policies. Additional fees may apply for extra baggage or overweight items. Yet, if you’re flying with a Wingo Premium ticket, you get quite a lot of leeway on luggage and overhead baggage.

Wingo clearly states the baggage limit on its website for each ticket class. There are no hidden nasty surprises with Wingo. But don’t book a Wingo flight with is a scam website that will sell you the Wingo basic class ticket, for the price of the Premium class ticket. Only book Wingo flights on OMIO or WayAway, when flying between Bogotá Colombia and Havana Cuba. Or direct with Wingo at

Additional Services On Flights To Cuba

In addition to the basic in-flight services, airlines also offer a range of additional services like priority boarding, extra legroom and special meals. But they’re included on Wingo with the Premium class ticket. These services may incur additional charges on other airlines.

Basic food and drinks are provided free of charge with Wingo. Alcoholic beverages and headphones are extra. Though wired headphones will work in the Wingo headphone sockets.

Travel Tip: I always carry an old pair of wired headphones, along with my Apple AirPods. That way I can plug into inflight entertainments systems, without buying headphones from the airlines.

Direct Flights To Havana Cuba
Direct flight between Bogotá and Havana

Changes In Flight Availability To Havana Cuba

Please note that flight availability may change frequently. And you should book as far ahead as possible to secure your seat. For anybody transiting between South America and Havana Cuba, Wingo is the go to option. And the Wingo flights will frequently book out, ahead of time.

Book as far ahead of your travel date as possible, to avoid disappointment. Alternative flights between South America and Cuba often transit Buenos Aires Argentina, Montevideo Uruguay and Asuncion Paraguay. Which does make them much longer and more expensive flights.

Airport Transfers In Bogotá And Havana

The easiest ways to transit to and from Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport (BOG) and Havana’s José Martí International Airport (HAV), is by private airport transfer service.

You can book an English speaking driver in advance, to chauffeur you between the airport and your hotel. When booked in advance, they will be waiting for you at your designated time. You will then be chauffeured directly to your accommodation from the airport.

In Havana, prices start at $12 (USD). And in Bogotá, the prices start at $25 (USD). So for less than $100, you can be chauffeured to and from both airports.

The airport transfer service I personally use.

Transiting Between Havana & Bogota Has Never Been Easier!

With Wingo’s affordable fares and numerous flight options from Bogota, Colombia to Havana Cuba, your dream vacation is just a booking away. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Cuban adventure.

Happy Travels!