Written by Kieran Proctor

Cuban Tourist Card (Tarjeta Del Turista) 

If you’re flying to Cuba, like I just did, you’ll need a Cuban Tourist Card (Tarjeta Del Turista). This is ...

If you’re flying to Cuba, like I just did, you’ll need a Cuban Tourist Card (Tarjeta Del Turista). This is the official visa for entry to Cuba.

There are three (3) main avenues for acquiring a Cuban Tourist Visa. You can get your visa from a Cuban embassy in your country. Or from the travel agency where you book your holiday to Cuba. Or the best option, you can get your visa from your Airline, on checkin for your flight.

In preparation for my last trip to Cuba, I visited the Cuban embassy in Berlin Germany. And I was sent by the embassy staff to a travel agency, adjacent to Museum Island in Berlin.

On my second trip to Cuba from Montevideo Uruguay, via Buenos Aires, I flew Copa. And I was able to buy the visa from the airline, at the airport.

Choose To Buy The Cuban Tourist Card At The Airport

By far the easiest method of acquiring the Cuban Tourist Card (Tarjeta de Turismo), was buying it direct from Copa at the airport. And the visa only cost $20 USD in cash.

The time and effort I saved, by being able to buy the visa at checkin for my flight, was put to good use. I saved time because I didn’t need to run all over town, looking for an embassy or travel agency from which to purchase the ticket.

If Your Airline Does Not Sell The Cuban Tourist Card

Don’t fret, if you’re not flying with Copa, or if your airline doesn’t sell the cards. The next easiest option is to find a travel agency selling Cuban holidays.

Just buy the tourist card from these travel agencies. The embassies keep the travel agencies well stocked, with visas to sell. So you won’t have any difficulty getting a visa from them. In fact, the travel agency I used in Germany, offered to sell me a whole box of blank Cuban visas for cash.

Remember To Keep Your Cuban Tourist Card

You will need to keep your Cuban Tourist Visa, in a safe place, for the duration of your stay in Cuba. If you lose your tourist card, you may have trouble with immigration on exit.

You will be unable to extend your stay in Cuba without your Cuban Tourist Visa. And you will have difficulty changing your accommodation in Cuba, without your Cuban Visa.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made my Complete Guide To Traveling Cuba available on this website. And I recommend you read it, before traveling to Cuba. It will help you navigate Cuba and Cuban society.

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