Written by Kieran Proctor

Transport Options From Jorge Chávez International Airport In Lima Peru

If you’re arriving into Peru’s Jorge Chávez International Airport for the first time, getting into the city and to your ...

If you’re arriving into Peru’s Jorge Chávez International Airport for the first time, getting into the city and to your accommodation in the more touristic areas can seem difficult. But it’s not. Peru’s international airport is one of the easiest in Latin America to get transport to and from.

In this short guide, I’ll run you through your five (5) transport options from the Jorge Chavez International Airport. And I’ll drop a few local tips along the way. So you can avoid making some of the more common mistakes, that I always see tourists make at the airport.

How To Get To The City From Lima International Airport

Now, Peru’s main international airport in Lima, called the Jorge Chávez International Airport, isn’t technically in Lima. It’s in Callao (pronounced ‘cay-owe’). Callao was originally a separate city, but as Lima grew into the sprawling, gridlocked metropolis it is today, Callao and Lima sort of linked up. But they’re still technically separate cities.

The Jorge Chávez International Airport in Callao is located north of the best neighborhoods in Lima for tourists. It’s about 23km (14.3 miles) to Miraflores or Barranco. And without traffic, it’ll take about 40 minutes for you to get to your hotel or other accommodations.

Because Callao and those northern parts of the Lima metropolitan area can be less than safe at night, you’re going to want to use a reputable transport provider. I’ve ranked your transport options below, based on two main factors, safety and cost.

The order that I’d recommend you consider your transport options from the airport to Lima, are as follows:

  1. Airport taxi (Avoid the taxis)
  2. Uber or InDrive
  3. QuickLlama Shuttle
  4. Private Airport Transfer
  5. Complementary hotel transfer

Avoid The Airport Taxis!

Basically, I would never consider using a taxi around Lima or most other places in Peru. Whenever I can avoid the taxis, I do. And at all of Peru’s airports and bus stations, the second you walk outside the taxi drivers will all jump on you and try to get you to take their taxi.

The taxi drivers will chase you for business, because you’re foreign. And they’re going to overcharge you, rip you off, give you counterfeit cash for change, or just outright rob you. While there probably are honest taxi drivers in Peru, in almost 20 years of traveling around Peru, I’m yet to meet one.

Safety Tip: Avoid taxis wherever and whenever you can in Peru. And if you can’t avoid the taxis, take a photo of the serial numbers of your cash before you hop into the taxi. That way if they take your cash and give you back a counterfeit note, claiming that’s what you gave them, you can prove otherwise.

Catch An Uber To Lima From The Airport!

Uber works in Peru. And it’s perfectly legal. So, if you have an active cell phone connection and an Uber account, you can take an Uber from the airport. Just grab your mobile phone and call an Uber to the front door of the airport.

Now, when getting an Uber they will all come into the secure zone of the airport. Don’t leave the airport to meet them. Standing around on the main road outside the airport with your bags, in Callao, is definitely not recommended. And I would strongly caution you against it!

Travel Tip: Don’t buy a mobile SIM card at the airport. There’s 2 places selling tourist SIM cards in the airport. And these are a huge rip off. Use an international eSIM or wait until you reach the city. Once at your accommodation you can buy a local SIM on Rappi for less than 1/10th the price that you’ll pay at the airport.

Take The QuickLlama Airport Shuttle (Backpackers)

For all the backpackers arriving into Lima via the Jorge Chávez International Airport, this should be your go to transport option. All the main backpacker hostels are located in Miraflores and Barranco. And the QuickLlama Airport Shuttle stops in central Miraflores, near park Kennedy.

Now, as a backpacker, price often matters more than comfort. So, even though the QuickLlama Shuttle has almost no room for bags, and you’ll likely be sitting on the minibus with your luggage on your lap for at least 40 minutes, it’s worth it to save about $15.

Yet, for the rest of us who travel with actual luggage and have suitcases instead of backpacks, the QuickLlama Shuttle might be a little bit more of a cozy ride than we want. Personally, I use either of the next two options in this list. Because I value comfort and convenience over saving a few bucks.

Local Tip: Remember that the QuickLlama Airport Shuttle only stop at one location in central Miraflores, near park Kennedy. If you’re staying in Barranco or somewhere else, you will then need a second service to get you to your final destination.

Get A Private Airport Transfer

Private airport transfers are how I arrange my own transport to and from the Jorge Chávez International Airport. I value comfort and convenience over price. But when I say price, I mean less than $20 USD for a private car and chauffeur to pick me up and drop me off at my prearranged time and destination. So, it’s not like it’ll break the bank.

I get my own airport transfers from Civitatis. Because you can select from a range of different vehicle types, right up to and including 19 seat minibuses. All of the vehicles will be modern, clean and comfortable. And the driver will likely speak english.

The driver will pick you up at the prearranged time and location of your choice, load and unload your luggage and they will chauffeur you in complete comfort to or from Limas airport.

This is the transfer service I use.

Free Hotel Transfers

Free hotel transfers are the absolute best way to travel between the Jorge Chávez International Airport and your accommodation. Yet, only the fancier hotels will have a free shuttle service. And often, you’ll need to remember to ask for it when you book your hotel.

So, my tip to you if you’re staying in a more upscale accommodation or one of the larger chain hotels, is to always ask if they have an airport shuttle service when you book your room. If you forget to ask, they won’t offer. So, do ask for a free airport transfer when booking your accommodation!

Local Tip: Use a free WISE prepaid debit card to pay for your hotel. And everything else in Peru. It has the best exchange rates. And it will be both safer to use and cheaper, than your foreign bank cards in Peru.

Airport to Lima - San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco airport transfers
San Isidro looking all the way back to Callao. Always remember, Lima Peru is a very large city!

Conclusions – From The Airport To Lima

Out of the five (5) transport options you have from the airport to Lima, only four (4) will go directly to your accommodation. And of those four (4) transport options from the airport, only three (3) are both safe and cost effective.

So, if you’re traveling to or from the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima Peru, my advice to you is to choose your airport transfer service carefully. My own preference is always for private airport transfers from the airport to my apartment. And that’s because I value comfort, convenience and safety.

Safe travels!

This is only one small part of Lima. Remember, Lima Peru is huge. So book the right transport option!