Written by Kieran Proctor

Can It Get Cold In Cuba?

It can get cold in Cuba. Or at least it will feel cold, relative to where you’re coming from. It ...

It can get cold in Cuba. Or at least it will feel cold, relative to where you’re coming from. It does for me when I fly in from Argentina‘s summer. And the temperatures in Cuba can get down to 9°c or 48.2°f.

Sure, if you’re Canadian or Russian coming to Cuba from your own northern hemisphere winter, 9°c feels warm. And I’ve even seen crazy Canadians, swimming and sun baking at 9°c. But for an Australian like me, or someone from warmer climates, it can feel icy cold.

It feels so cold in Cuba, on the few days of winter that they have a year, that I’ve been known to layer up just as much as I would in Europe. So, if you are coming to Cuba in winter, be sure to at least bring jeans and a jacket. Because almost nowhere in Cuba has heating.

Should I Pack Warm Clothes For Cuba?

If you’re visiting Cuba in winter and are sensitive to the cold, you should definitely pack warm clothes. Cuba often has warm beach type weather, even in winter. But Cuba can have cold snaps.

And when the weather does turn cold, for a day or two, you will regret not bringing at least one set of long pants and a jacket. Because you won’t be able to locate a heater, or hot water bottle. And the houses are built for tropical summer heat.

What If I’m Canadian Visiting Cuba In Winter?

You’ll be fine with a wind cheater. It’s often the wind chill off the water, that makes the 9°c days feel colder than they really are. But if you’re coming to Cuba in the colder months from snowy Canada, Cuba will likely still feel warm to you.

If you’re not visiting from a colder climate, then I can assure you that the 21°c day we’re having in Cuba today (pictured below), feels freezing with the sea breeze. And there isn’t a heater in sight.

Mid January Weather In Cuba
It feels much colder than it looks

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

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