Written by Kieran Proctor

My Tattoos And Travel Blogging

Because I have tattoos I frequently get asked about them. Sure, I could cover them up for anything to do ...

Because I have tattoos I frequently get asked about them. Sure, I could cover them up for anything to do with this website or in daily life in general. But why would I?

When I was working in professional office based roles for Australian Government departments I always wore a suit or a uniform. My tattoos were always covered. Because that’s what was expected of me in that environment.

Now that I work for myself I don’t see the need. Sure, some readers of this site probably see my tattoos and distrust me. Thereby not taking the travel advice that I put up for certain destinations.

But then they get to those travel destinations and realize I was right and that they should have taken the advice.

A perfect example of not following the advice on this website, would be when I write that you absolutely must have a VPN on your device before traveling to Cuba. The amount of people who disregard my advice and then message me in a tizzy, when they get to Cuba and realize they can’t do anything without a VPN, is mind boggling.

These days I just ignore those people.

I should also add that this website is paid for by display advertising. Not by reviews that others have paid me to write. It works out to be about every 4 clicks on an advertisement buys me a beer. So relax, the tattooed guy isn’t trying to scam you.

I got my tattoos for me. And because I have eight (8) university degrees including four (4) master degrees, you can be sure I’m smart enough not to get life altering tattoo placements. I don’t have tattoos on my face, neck or hands. And in an office environment you’d never recognize me.

So, you can take my advice or ignore it, because I have ink. The choice is yours. But behind my advice is a level of education, experience and skill that you likely don’t have.

Kieran University Degrees
My masters degrees from the ANU

Why Did I Get my Tattoos?

It’s entirely personal preference. I love art and I consider tattoos to be art. I also collect tattoos on my travels. Yet since first starting to get tattoos I’ve found they have some useful aspects in life and work.

Tattoos can change your appearance and alter the perspective of people approaching you. I’ve found they can make some people trust me more and others less. They can change your outward character and appearance in the minds of others.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve known that undesirable people were creeping up behind me to rob me. I rolled up my sleeves so they got a glimpse of the tattoos and they gave up on me. I no longer appeared as an easy target to them and they went on their way to rob someone else.

Criminals will always prefer the easy mark. They’re lazy and they chase the easy money. Seeing tattoos made them think I wouldn’t just hand over my valuables and that I may put up a fight. So they went on their way looking for an easier tourist to rob.

In other situations having tattoos has made me better able to fit into social situations and access places that the average tourist can’t go. I’ve had everything from international money launderers in big cities to average joes in closed off societies explain to me their daily lives over a beer.

Nobody ever suspects that the heavily tattooed guy has eight (8) university degrees and once wore a uniform. And I’m okay with that.

I got my tattoos for me. I didn’t get tattoos for other people. But I will use my tattoos to my advantage when the opportunity arises.

Tattoo Tourism Full Sleeves rear view
My tattoo sleeves

Where Did I Get My Tattoos?

My left sleeve was tattooed in Peru. And my right sleeve was tattooed in Germany. Both of my tattoo sleeves and my collar were tattooed by the same artist.

You can look up my tattooist on Instagram. Jimmy is the tattoo artist behind my most visible tattoos.

I met him when I was in Cusco Peru. And I’ve spent roughly nine (9) months in Cusco going back to visit Jimmy as a ‘tattoo tourist‘. But thankfully he’s now German and tattoos out of a shop in Bonn Germany.

Cusco Peru is great. But there’s only so many times you can see Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley or any of the ruins around Cusco.

Germany and the surrounding countries have much more to see and do. And Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world. So now when I go to Europe to get tattoos I can at least visit new countries and historical sites.

Kieran and Jimmy Buenos Airs graffiti
Me with my tattoo artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’ve even been interviewed about tattoo tourism!

My Tattoos And Work

For those who are interested in tattoos or those who follow me because I have tattoos, you can also checkout my other website. I run a tattoo specific website called

Tattoo Vagabond is where I only write about tattoos. It’s where I review numbing creams and the other products I’ve used and I write about tattoo culture in the places I visit.

Whereas on this site I just write about my travels and the tips and tricks I’ve learned in each destination I visit. This site is answering all the questions I had about each destination before traveling there and finding out the answers for myself.

Work wise my tattoos will never effect me. I can cover them in an office environment. And I cover them most of the time anyway. They’re for me and nobody else.

Tattoo Tourism Full Sleeves front view
My tattoo sleeves

Do They Affect My Advice Or Limit Where I Can Go?

No they don’t have an effect on my advice and they don’t limit the countries and regions I can visit. Obviously I do cover them in more conservative countries.

It’s always good advice to follow the customs and adhere to the cultural norms in the countries in which you are a guest. If visible tattoos are a negative in that culture you should cover them up. I certainly do.

It’s also good advice to read your surroundings. And that includes in an office environment. If I was ever to go back to office work I’d have no problem covering my tattoos. If I was in a suit and tie or wearing a uniform, you’d never know I had ink unless I wanted you too.

Kieran ABF Awards
Me when I was working for Australia’s Border Force (ABF)