Written by Kieran Proctor

Laundry Services In Havana – Using A Lavadero

If, like me, you’re staying in Havana Cuba and you need to do laundry, you’ve no doubt been quoted stupid ...

If, like me, you’re staying in Havana Cuba and you need to do laundry, you’ve no doubt been quoted stupid prices and heard it’s ‘very difficult’ (muy dificil) or that it’s ‘very complicated’ (muy complicado), from any local you ask. But it’s not difficult or complicated. They’re just trying to milk you for cash.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do laundry in a hotel or an Airbnb (casa particular), you’re getting ripped off. I’ve had utterly stupid prices ($100USD+) quoted to me by Airbnb hosts and hotels. Which I would never pay.

Laundry services do exist in Havana and throughout the rest of Cuba. And I never have difficulty locating or accessing them. They are easily accessible to foreigners.

You don’t need to pay a hotel, anywhere from $50 to $100USD or more, to wash a couple of t-shirts. And you don’t need to pay $10USD or more to an Airbnb host, for laundry services.

In Havana, you only need to locate a ‘lavadero‘. Just drop your clothes off at a lavadero (laundry) in Havana and pick them up the next day.

All of your clothes will be washed, folded and returned to you, smelling fantastic. For the very low price, of a few hundred local pesos.

What Do Private Laundry Services Charge in Havana?

Some laundry services will charge per kilo. Most will charge by the type of item and quantity. With a set charge for each type of garment.

But as an example, 2 weeks worth of laundry costs $400CUP in 2023. That’s roughly $2.42USD and is comparable with laundry services throughout the rest of Latin America. It’s about the same price I would normally pay in Argentina or Colombia, for a load of laundry.

Doing 2 weeks worth of laundry in Havana Cuba
My Laundry receipt in Havana, Cuba

Do Not Use Hotel Laundry Services In Havana Cuba

If you use a hotel laundry service, particularly in a large Cuban hotel chain, you’ll be skinned alive for washing. A single load of washing will set you back a ridiculous amount of money ($50USD or more). You will be ripped off.

Instead, you should avoid the hotel laundry service and take your clothes to a private laundry. After all, it’s likely what the hotel is doing. Because most of the hotels will bill you a ridiculous amount of money and pay the private laundry, a couple of hundred pesos to do your washing.

You should just cut out the middleman and take your own clothes to the lavadero. It’s what I do. I then go for a drink, take a tour or workshop and I collect my laundry the next day. Simple!

The Best Lavadero In Centro Habana Or Vedado?

I use a lavadero on the corner of Espada and Neptuno streets. It’s only a few blocks from the University of Havana and the Havana Libre hotel. You can find the Google maps GPS location for it here. But using Google, you can easily locate laundry services all over Cuba.

Just open Google Maps on your phone and type ‘lavadero’ or ‘laundry’ into Google Maps. Plenty of options will pop up. I would personally suggest just choosing one with functional washing machines, that’s close to your Cuban accommodation.

All the prices will be marked on the wall in the shop, so you will know in advance what it will cost you. You won’t be at any risk of getting bill shock.

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