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Havana Syndrome – Occam’s Razor

Havana Syndrome is the name given to a series of anomalous health incidents, that were first reported in Havana, Cuba. ...

Havana Syndrome is the name given to a series of anomalous health incidents, that were first reported in Havana, Cuba. And according to the news today, the US intelligence community has apparently investigated every possible cause, from advanced energy weapons to space aliens.

Havana Syndrome is a perfect example of why philosophy and philosophical methods, need to be added back onto school curriculums. Critical thinking needs to be taught in schools.

Occam’s Razor

If you’ve never heard of Occam’s razor, it’s a philosophical concept, that’s also known as ‘law of parsimony’. It’s a proposition used to decide between multiple competing propositions, that all serve to explain a given phenomenon.

To overly simplify Occam’s razor, it states that the simplest explanation is usually the most correct. And if you’re deciding between two possible explanations for somebody getting sick, and your options are ‘space aliens‘ or ‘lead contamination‘, which of the two is the simplest?

Applying Occam’s Razor To Havana Syndrome

In the case of Havana Syndrome, I would put forward that Havana is a locale with crumbling lead pipes and a lot of sex tourism.

What’s the simplest explanation for Havana Syndrome? that it’s the work of unknown bad guys with yet to be invented technologies, or perhaps, space aliens? Or could it simply be, that the diplomatic staffers affected by Havana Syndrome drank contaminated water, or got an STD from chasing too many Cuban hookers?

My bet for the cause of Havana Syndrome, would be the latter as opposed to the former. And this isn’t the first time the US intelligence community has come up with ridiculous explanations for yet unexplained phenomenon.

Havana Syndrome

Remember Yellow Rain?

Everyone is familiar with the weapons of mass destruction farce. But not many remember that in 1981, the US accused Russia of war crimes in Laos.

The US claimed that the Russians were using biochemical weapons, on the people of Laos. And that saga, is now known as ‘Yellow Rain‘. And guess what? It was nothing more than the mass defecation of honey bees. You see, honey bees don’t s**t where they live. They all fly away from their hives, to poop as one big group.

And the Hmong villagers of Laos in the area affected by ‘Yellow Rain’, were all superstitious. So they blamed any and all illnesses that occurred at a time when there was ‘Yellow Rain’, on that particular phenomenon.

The ‘Yellow Rain‘ saga started because of the US, just being the US. A senior American politician would eventually pick up on the story, and make public claims.

Those claims would then start a chain of events, whereby the US intelligence community would be running around for decades delicately trying not show that the senior politician who made the claim, was a complete idiot.

In the case of ‘Yellow Rain‘, it was the Secretary of State Alexander Haig who accused the Russians publicly and kicked off a United Nations investigation. And it was the Australians, who collected samples and eventually proved, that it was just bee s**t.

But the Americans fought the Australian finding for a decade or more. And while the scientific community and the rest of the world has accepted that it was just bee s**t, the Americans to this day still maintain a level of ambiguity. They can’t just say we were wrong, sorry. Because that’s not how international relations work.


Havana Syndrome

Now, even if the Americans have conducted tests and proved to themselves that the suffer/s of ‘Havana Syndrome’ ingested too much lead contaminated water, or got STD’s from chasing too many Cuban hookers, they can’t just publicly dismiss the events.

Senior American politicians and bureaucrats have already publicly claimed, that it was an attack. With many of them publicly blaming Russia.

The USA is no longer in a positions to just say oops, it turns out our staffers were dicking some dirty birdies, or weren’t smart enough to buy bottled water.

Once the Americans have gone down the accusation rabbit hole, they need to keep going. Once the finger pointing started, they were no longer in a position to just dismiss the events. And once the accusations were made, it created a need to maintain ambiguity for the decades to come.

Diplomats In Havana Cuba

You might assume that diplomats are always the best and brightest. That they would never be silly enough to drink unfiltered tap water in a place with crumbing buildings and 1950s lead contaminated pipes. And you might assume that they would never engage in sex tourism, because they’re all forthright and upstanding individuals. But you’d be wrong.

I know of at least two (2) diplomats stationed in Havana, both from different countries, who got sick from drinking unfiltered tap water in Cuba. Nausea and cramping, memory problems and irritability, are the first signs.

To quote one diplomat in Havana, ‘the water is so hard you could step on it’. And even the bottled water has a very high mineral content.

But the unfiltered tap water in some parts of Havana, has very high levels of heavy metals, including lead. And lead toxicity can cause neurological problems, hearing issues and hearing loss.

As for diplomats engaging in sex tourism and not being the upstanding individuals that everyone thinks they are, well, they do and they aren’t.

I know of one diplomat, who by their own admission counts among their favorite things, long walks on the beach and two fists in his a** during paid homosexual group sessions, with prostitutes while on posting. He also leaks security classified information, when he drinks.


American Politicians And Public Officials On Havana Syndrome

If the diplomats aren’t all the little shinning stars and goody two shoes that they’re supposed to be, at least the American politicians and bureaucrats must be the best and brightest, right? Ah, nope.

Elected office doesn’t just magically improve an individual’s intellect. America has had plenty of dumb politicians and bureaucrats.

Just incase you need reminding that American public officials aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed, I only need to point out that it was an American senator, who thought that islands float. And that Guam would capsize and sink, if too many US military personnel were stationed on it.

Just watch this guy, for proof American politicians aren’t always the brightest. He’s about as sharp as a sack full of door knobs:

Other Plausible Explanations For Havana Syndrome?

The Canadians investigated and thought that Havana Syndrome could be the result of pesticides. And if you’ve never had the opportunity to see Cubans spray pesticide, or disinfectant during COVID, well you can take my word for it, that the Canadian explanation is plausible.

Your average Cuban is about as useful as teats on a bull. If you give a Cuban a job, you can expect it to be half a**ed. And spraying pesticide or disinfectant, is no different.

I’ve seen trucks roll by in Havana and just spray everything and everyone on the footpath. If you’re eating in a cafe when a truck goes by spraying, then you and your food are going to be drenched in whatever they’re spraying that day.

Common sense, is not common in Cuba. And I would say the Canadian pesticide explanation, also sounds plausible to me. Yet what doesn’t sound plausible to me, is unknown bad guys with yet to be invented technologies. Or space aliens.

Often the simplest explanations are usually the most correct. Even when you’re trying to explain something like Havana Syndrome.

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