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Eram Garden

Eram Garden is located in Shiraz Iran. And it now forms part of the Shiraz botanical garden and is part ...

Eram Garden is located in Shiraz Iran. And it now forms part of the Shiraz botanical garden and is part of Shiraz University.

If you find yourself in Shiraz Iran and have an afternoon spare, here’s why you should visit Eram Garden.

Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) in Shiraz is a UNESCO listed site that is believed to have originated in the 11th or 12th Century. Likely as part of the Seljuk Empire.

Now forming part of the botanical garden attached to Shiraz University, it runs along the northern shore of the Khoshk River in Shiraz.

As is typical of Persian gardens it is divided into four sections with a water feature at the centre. Persian gardens are laid out in quarters to represent the four Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water and plants.

The garden is said to contain one of the oldest cypress trees dating back over 3000 years. However I was unable to find the 3000 year old tree in the garden. And I have since been unable to even locate a picture of it online.

Eram Garden | Bagh-e Eram | Highlights

I quite enjoyed our visit to Eram Garden. I personally find the Sour Orange tree’s that are all over Iran and Shiraz in particular, quite picturesque. When we visited Shiraz there were blossoming fruit trees everywhere.

When visiting Eram you should do as we did and visit the onsite cafe after a walk around the garden. The cafe is to the right of the main structure on site.

When we visited Eram the cafe had a live musician entertaining visitors and local students with Iranian folk songs. We enjoyed both the music and a tea made from orange blossoms.

While Eram Garden is a UNESCO site I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘must visit destination’ in Shiraz. Rather I would list Eram Garden as a site to visit one afternoon if you have time.

Make no mistake its quite picturesque. And it does have a long history. But it’s still really just a garden and most of the plants and structures on the site such as the main building constructed in the early 19th century.

Everything looks and feels newer when compared to other sites in Shiraz or different parts of Iran. But its definitely a great spot for a tea or coffee.

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