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The Best VPN For Cuba

VPN are legal in Cuba and you will need one loaded onto your phone before you travel to Cuba. You ...

VPN are legal in Cuba and you will need one loaded onto your phone before you travel to Cuba. You will need a VPN to access the Apple App Store, Google Play store or any of the popular social media applications from Cuba.

I’ve covered all the Apps you might want to use in Cuba in the following sections and elsewhere on this website.

You will also want to be picky as to which VPN you select for Cuba. All VPN’s seem to work on Cuban Wifi. But not all VPN’s will work well on the Cuban cell phone network. And this is due to Cuba’s unique telecommunications infrastructure and state monopoly.

I used NordVPN and I recommend it for Cuba.


Without a VPN in Cuba you will not be able to access the Apple App Store or Google Play, Netflix or most other mobile applications as Cuba is under US sanctions.

If you do not arrive with a VPN pre-loaded onto your phone you will likely need to pay someone to put a VPN onto your phone.

A VPN can be loaded onto a phone in Cuba without paying for a service though it is quite challenging and it took this author 2-3hrs to work it out. Expect a high degree of difficulty to do it yourself in Cuba if you do not load one onto your phone before travelling to Cuba.

You should also turn off all automatic software or app updates to avoid losing your VPN while in Cuba.

With that said, I’ve personally used NordVPN for 5 years both at home and while travelling through the Middle East including Iran, Eastern Europe and Latin America including most recently, Argentina.

How did nordVPN work in cuba?

NordVPN worked flawlessly in Cuba and allowed me to access my bank accounts, the Apple App Store and even watch US Netflix while in Cuba.

Unlike other VPN’s I can confirm NordVPN works both on wifi and the cuban mobile phone network. Some of my Cuba based foreign friends found that their VPN’s worked perfectly on wifi but would fail on the mobile phone network. With NordVPN I had a strong, fast and secure connection on both wifi and cellular services.

For other mobile apps or websites and whether or not they work in Cuba, there’s also our definitive guide to using mobile apps in Cuba.

And if you’re already in Cuba and wondering how to download a VPN while in Cuba, see our article on downloading a VPN in blocked countries.

Where Can I Get More Information About Cuba?

I’ve made my Complete Guide To Traveling Cuba available on this website. And I would strongly advise you to read it before travelling to Cuba. It will help you navigate Cuba and Cuban society.

My Complete Guide To Cuba will save you a lot of time and a significant amount of money on your trip to Cuba. Cuba is not the sort of destination in which you can just arrive unprepared. 

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