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Vape In Airbnb

Wondering if you can vape in your Airbnb? Start here. In this article we answer all your vape questions regarding ...

Wondering if you can vape in your Airbnb? Start here.

In this article we answer all your vape questions regarding Airbnb. And yes, you can vape in a non-smoking Airbnb and no, your host will never know if you vaped in their Airbnb. Follow these tips.

Airbnb Smoke Free

All Airbnb should be smoke free. Smoking is bad for the guest, the neighbours and everyone else who stays in that Airbnb. And the next guest will be stuck smelling the last guests smoke on all the furniture. That’s not the case with vape.

Vape will not make an Airbnb smell. Vape doesn’t leave a residue. There is no lingering smell in an accommodation and the next guests will not be left smelling it. Vape doesn’t damage an Airbnb.

Vaping in the House

I have no problem with people vaping indoors. Provided their vape doesn’t blow in my face. I do have a problem with people who smoke inside.

Nobody should smoke inside as it makes the place smell terrible. It leaves smoke residue on the premises and furniture and second hand smoke is harmful to others.

Does Vape Smell Stick to Furniture

No. Vape does not leave a smell or residue on furniture. As long as nobody see’s you vaping and you let the residual vape out a window before being checked out of your Airbnb, nobody will know you vaped on the premises.

Airbnb hosts won’t be able to tell if you vaped in the accommodation if they do not see you vape. The smell from vape is so slight that they cannot differentiate between vape and a guests perfume or cologne. Don’t let your Airbnb host see you vaping and they will never know you vaped on the premises.

Does Vape Smoke Linger in the Room

The vape cloud does tend to linger. The smell does not linger. Open a window and let the vape cloud out of the premises and nobody will know if you’ve vaped on the premises.

I’ve vaped in hotels and Airbnb and nobody has ever been able to tell I’ve vaped on the premises. If they don’t see the vape cloud or residual vapour hovering in the room, your host will never know you’ve vaped on premises. Open a window and let any residual cloud out.

Smoke Detectors | Setting off Smoke Detector with Vape

Yes. Vape will set off a smoke detector. Fire alarms will sound if you’re vaping around a smoke detector. Ensure the hotel room or Airbnb do not have fire alarms before vaping.

Detecting Smoke or Vape in Airbnb

A host can detect if you’ve smoked in an Airbnb. But a host will have no idea if you’ve vaped in an Airbnb provided they do not see your residual vape or device.

Don’t smoke in a non-smoking Airbnb or you will face enforcement action from Airbnb. Vape as much as you like in a non-smoking Airbnb but do not let anyone see you vaping and you will be fine.

Airbnb Vaping Guest

I wouldn’t have a problem with a guest vaping in my Airbnb. I would absolutely have a problem with a guest smoking in my Airbnb as it would disrupt the next guests stay. Smoke lingers and vape does not.

Smokers make Airbnb smell terrible. Vape leaves no residual smell in my Airbnb. No future guests know if the last guest vaped in the rental.

Vaping in a non-smoking airbnb steps

  1. Make sure that the premises has no smoke detectors or fire alarms;
  2. Ensure the host and neighbours cannot see you vaping;
  3. Open a window or door to let the residual vape out of the accommodation;
  4. Ensure that all vape has blown out of the premises before the host or others enter the premises.

Vaping in a non-smoking hotel

Vape in the bathroom with the door closed if the hotel has an extraction fan. Almost all hotels have smoke detectors and vape will set off the alarm.

If you vape in the bathroom the vape ‘steam’ will leave the premises in the same method that shower steam is extracted. Thereby ensuring you don’t accidentally set off a fire alarm.

Airbnb House Rules | No Smoking in Airbnb

All Airbnb should be non-smoking. All of my Airbnb are non-smoking. And those that I rent on holidays are non-smoking. There’s nothing worse than an Airbnb that smells like an ashtray.

Airbnb House Rules | Vaping in a Non-Smoking Airbnb

I have no problem if guests vape in my Airbnb. And I vape in non-smoking Airbnb. I just ensure that no host see’s me vaping in their Airbnb. Except in Cuba because nobody cared if I vaped in Cuba.

Everywhere else I don’t let the host or neighbours see me vape and I make sure not to set off any fire alarms or smoke detectors. Otherwise I do vape in the Airbnb. And no host who has not seen me vape has had any idea that I vaped on their premises. I’ve never been subject to a complaint or penalty vaping in Airbnb. And I have a 5 star rating.

Vape in Cuban Airbnb
Vaping in an Airbnb

Have you searched for vaping information using an Airbnb’s wifi?

You should see our article on using a VPN. Because your Airbnb host likely knows you’re vaping in their Airbnb. See how they know in the article below.

Vape Holiday Rentals | Conclusions

Don’t pay for an Airbnb that specifically sells itself as allowing vape. It’s a scam and costs more. Vape in any and all Airbnb’s and just don’t set off alarms or let the host or neighbours see you vape. If they don’t witness you using your vape device on the premises your Airbnb host will never know you vaped in the accommodation.

If you declare to the host you vape they will likely say no. In my experience most hosts view smoking and vaping as the same thing. I’ve found that hosts believe that vaping, like smoking, will make their premises smell like smoke. Save the hassle and don’t declare you vape to your Airbnb host. They will never know.

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