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Uber Eats Bogotá Colombia

Uber Eats no longer works in Colombia. Only the Uber ride-sharing mobile application still works. And even the Uber ride-sharing ...

Uber Eats no longer works in Colombia. Only the Uber ride-sharing mobile application still works. And even the Uber ride-sharing app isn’t as good as the local InDrive app in Bogotá.

The current food delivery mobile application used in Colombia is called Rappi.

Rappi is the primary mobile application for food delivery used throughout South America. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Uber Eats Work In Colombia?

Uber Eats shut down its operations in Colombia on the 22 November 2020. Uber Eats faced stiff competition from alternative mobile apps Rappi and PedidosYa. As a result Uber Eats is no longer available in Colombia.

In Colombia in 2023 the mobile application Rappi reigns supreme. Rappi is the dominant mobile application for food delivery. And on Rappi you can order from virtually any restaurant in Colombia along with goods from shops, supermarkets and bodegas.

You should download and use Rappi while in Colombia.

What Can I Buy On Rappi In Colombia?

You can get virtually anything on Rappi. It’s not just a food delivery app. While you can order from virtually any restaurant and food delivery is the mobile applications main drawcard, you can also do your grocery shopping and have items delivered from convenience stores in under 10 minutes.

I personally use Rappi for all of my restaurant orders, grocery deliveries from supermarkets, pharmacy orders and I get smaller items delivered from local convenience stores.

You can buy vapes on Rappi (I do). And I’ve even used Rappi to shop for electronics. I’ve bought my girlfriend a pair of Beats headphones and Channel perfumes using Rappi.

Rappi In Bogota

Do I Need To Pay Rappi With Cash In Colombia?

Rappi in Colombia has a preference for credit cards. Which is good, because I find myself using Rappi so frequently I would need to visit Western Union to get cash more often, if Rappi didn’t take credit cards.

In places like Argentina you should always pay Rappi or PerdidosYa with cash. But in Colombia credit cards are the recommended payment method. I use cash in Argentina and credit card in Colombia.

Just remember that anytime you’re checking your bank accounts or using your device on wifi you should always use a VPN in Bogotá. A VPN protects your information from cyber criminals and prevents them from stealing your passwords.

I personally use NordVPN which is available at


Things To Be Aware Of When Using Rappi In Colombia

Rappi adds an automatic tip for the courier to each order. This tip is able to be changed by the user during the order process. And you should definitely change the automatic tip and double check it before paying each and every time you order from Rappi.

The tip that Rappi adds to each order made though its mobile platform is sneakily applied. It’s listed on the order below the fold and Rappi places it at the bottom hoping the user won’t scroll down the order screen and see it.

The tip that Rappi adds to each order is also 8-10% or more for the courier. And nothing for the restaurant that actually made the food or the store that sold you the item. The tip is automatically applied across all orders and is often quite excessive.

As an example, when I bought my girlfriend some Beats headphones using Rappi the item cost was 700,000COP. And Rappi added a ‘delivery charge’ of 5000COP and tried to add an automated ‘courier tip’ of more than 70,000COP. I instead manually changed the courier tip to 1500COP.

Always scroll down and check the ‘tip’ that Rappi automatically adds to each order in Colombia before clicking the ‘pay’ button.

Where Can I Get More Information On Bogotá?

I’ve made my Bogotá Colombia City Guide available on this website. And I recommend you read it before traveling to Colombia. It will help you navigate Bogotá and Colombian society.

My Bogotá Colombia City Guide will save you a lot of time and a significant amount of money on your trip to Colombia. Colombia is not the sort of destination in which you can just arrive unprepared.

Read the Bogotá Colombia City Guide here.

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