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Switzerland Vape

Vaping is legal in Switzerland. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Switzerland. And how to bring your ...

Vaping is legal in Switzerland. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Switzerland. And how to bring your own vapes into Switzerland. We also cover some basic rules you should follow to stay out of trouble.

Is vaping legal in Switzerland?

Vaping is legal in Switzerland. In Switzerland vaping is treated the same as tobacco products. E-cigs and vapes have the same rules as regular tobacco products. I had no problem vaping in Switzerland.

Can I take my vape to Switzerland?

You can take your vape to Switzerland. I had no problem taking my vape to Switzerland via both the international airport and by rail from Bonn Germany. The customs officers I encountered didn’t care that I had vaping products. 

When flying you will need to follow standard airline rules for liquids. Bottles up to 100ml each will be acceptable. Place each bottle of juice into its own ziplock bag and put those individually bagged bottles into your checked baggage.

All liquids need to be in your checked baggage and not your carry on bags. Don’t pack lithium batteries in your checked baggage.

Where can I vape in Switzerland?

In Switzerland you can vape anywhere that smoking is permitted. Vapes and e-cigs are treated the same as regular tobacco products. Don’t vape anywhere in Switzerland that smoking is not permitted.

Where can I buy vapes in Switzerland?

In Switzerland I found the vape shops I used with Google Maps. I personally used the VAP-E shop near the central train station (Hauptbahnhof) in Geneva. VAP-E has a large range and variety of vape products on offer.

Vaping in Switzerland

I had no problems finding and using vape products in Switzerland. As long as you are following the rules and don’t disrupting other people you’ll be fine. Nobody cares if you vape as long as you follow common courtesy and aren’t blowing it in their face.

Follow the rules for conventional smoking products. In Switzerland that means using outdoors smoking areas and not using your device inside bars or clubs. Smoking is generally prohibited indoors.

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