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Spain Vape

Vaping is legal in Spain. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Spain. And how to bring your ...

Vaping is legal in Spain. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Spain. And how to bring your own vapes into Spain. We’ll also cover some basic rules you should follow when vaping in Spain to stay out of trouble.

Is vaping legal in Spain?

Vaping is legal in Spain. Vapes are treated the same as tobacco products. E-cigs and vapes have the same rules as conventional tobacco products in Spain.

Can I take my vape to Spain?

I’ve flown in and out of Spain with vape juice in my checked baggage and have never had a problem. Just follow the standard airline guidance on liquids and you will be fine.

Don’t fly with bottles over 100ml. And individually package each bottle in a ziplock bag. Place these individually bagged bottles in your checked baggage and not your carry on bags. Don’t put lithium batteries in your checked baggage.

Where can I vape in Spain?

In Spain you can vape anywhere that smoking is allowed. Vapes and e-cigs are treated the same as regular tobacco products. Don’t vape anywhere in Spain that smoking is not permitted.

Where can I buy vapes in Spain?

There are many vape stores in all large Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. The smaller cities will have regular kiosks or convenience stores that also sell vape products and liquids. And you can find these on google maps. Just search ‘vape’ or ‘vape juice’.

The main store I used in Spain and would recommend is Vap Store in Madrid.

Vaping in Spain

I vaped all over Spain and never had a problem. I could always find places to get vapes and use them. Bringing vapes into Spain through the airport or on the train was no problem for me.

I was surprised by the price of vapes in Spain compared with Germany. I found that vapes were overall much cheaper in Spain. But with the anticipated changes to taxes on vaping products I would not expect the price difference to last. I’ve heard that the EU will start taxing the base liquid used in vape juice.

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