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Most Important Mobile Apps For Argentina

These are the most important mobile applications for Argentina. With these five (5) mobile applications on your devices you’ll be ...

These are the most important mobile applications for Argentina. With these five (5) mobile applications on your devices you’ll be able to navigate Argentina like a pro.

The most important app In Argentina is a VPN

Using an unsecured internet connection in Argentina is not recommended. In Argentina there is a high inflation environment and a technologically savvy population who are often highly educated.

Using an unsecured connection in Buenos Aires is absolutely not recommended and in doing so you put yourself at risk of having private information and login credentials stolen. Including banking information if you are using internet banking.

Just like you wouldn’t put your card into an ATM without first checking for a skimmer, you should not login to your bank via unsecured wifi points overseas.

Modern mobile devices are particularly chatty and will connect with just about everything within their range. And this includes devices belonging to individuals who are up to no good.

VPN for Argentina


This author currently uses NordVPN and recommends NordVPN not just for Argentina, but all countries.

I’ve personally used NordVPN for several years now. And I have used NordVPN not just in Argentina, but in places like Cuba, Iran and throughout Europe and Eastern Europe along with other parts of Latin America and Asia.

NordVPN is easy to install. Once you have an account simply download the app and login, switch it on and select the country you would like to connect from.

Once installed and on, NordVPN automatically encrypts all data from your device. NordVPN will protect against malware and has inbuilt threat protection and dark web monitoring to protect against malicious websites and watch for leaked credentials (passwords).

And all of that probably sounds like a foreign language to most reading this, as it does to me. Which is why I use NordVPN as it’s simply a matter of turning it on, clicking on a country on the map and it just works. It’s so easy to use I’ve installed it on my elderly fathers devices in Australia.

I’ve used it across my laptop, mobile phone and tablet and haven’t been hacked yet. Despite using a lot of dodgy connections in some very sketchy parts of the world.

I’ve previously written about why NordVPN is the best VPN for Argentina. And what a VPN is for those who are new to this type of technology and would like more information.

One NordVPN account can cover up to 6 devices.

To learn more about VPN and what a VPN is and what a VPN does, see this article on why everyone should be using a VPN.

VPN for Buenos Aires

VPN for Argentina NordVPN


Rappi and its competitor PedidosYa are the UberEats of Argentina. Any restaurant or type of cuisine you can think of or want, is on Rappi and PedidosYa.

Yet Rappi also connects to the major supermarkets and allows users to do all of their grocery shopping in one place and have it delivered directly to them. Bypassing corner shops with inflated prices.

Kiosks are great when you need something quickly. But kiosks sell items at significant markup when compared to the shopping majors. If you want the best price for items, or the convenience of delivery, Rappi is the app to use.

I personally use Rappi’s grocery feature for drinking water. While you can drink Argentine tap water, the water in Buenos Aires often has too much chlorine and tastes like a swimming pool. With Rappi I have drinking water delivered and avoid lugging 15kg+ of water home each week.

Rappi is you mobile app for food and so much more in Argentina!

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the Argentine version of Amazon. If Amazon was crossed with Ebay and Craigslist.

You can find everything from brand new department store products and electrical goods to apartments and houses, either to buy or rent.

If it’s new or second hand and is available to buy or rent, it’s on Mercado Libre in Argentina.

Mercado Libre mobile app for Argentina
Mercado Libre


WhatsApp needs no introduction. You likely already have and use WhatsApp. As do most people with a mobile device the world over.

In Argentina, WhatsApp is the most common messaging platform and you should expect to use WhatsApp often.

Your Airbnb hosts, delivery drivers and couriers will all use WhatsApp. If you buy something online, the store will ask for your phone number and likely contact you via WhatsApp to arrange delivery.

Western Union

For foreigners Western Union allows the instant transfer of funds from abroad for pickup in Argentina.

Western Union often works out cheaper than converting ones home currency into USD only to then convert it again in Argentina into Peso.

ATM’s in Argentina are limited in the amounts of money they can provide per transaction and most often have ridiculous transaction fees. I personally use Western Union in Argentina as it gives the ‘Dolar Blue’ rate.

Use the specific Western Union App for your country and download it before you travel or after with a VPN connected to your country of origin.

Mobile Apps For Argentina

With a NordVPN (the best VPN for Argentina) and the Western Union app you will be able to securely send yourself more cash in Argentine Pesos than you’d likely want during your stay in Argentina.

You can have virtually any food or grocery item delivered with the Rappi And PedidosYa mobile apps in Argentina. And with Mercado Libre you can get everything else. Including a kitchen sink. Because they even sell sinks on Mercado Libre.

You can chat with every delivery courier or company in Argentina via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most important mobile apps for Argentina because every company, store, tour operator, airbnb host and anyone you meet during your stay, will want to connect with you on WhatsApp. Without WhatsApp in Argentina you’ll be lost.

If for some reason you experience difficulty using the Rappi or PedidosYa mobile applications in Argentina you can get yourself a local mobile phone number. The process of getting a prepaid SIM for Argentina and activating it costs less than $5 and takes about 30 minutes.

A local number will allow you to use any mobile apps in Argentina. It will also save you a lot of money compared to mobile roaming.

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