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Iran Vape

Vaping is a legal grey area in Iran. You won’t find vaping products for sale in Iran. We cover the ...

Vaping is a legal grey area in Iran. You won’t find vaping products for sale in Iran. We cover the basic ways to take your own vapes to Iran. And we also cover some basic rules you should follow to stay out of trouble.

Is vaping legal in Iran?

It’s a grey area. Apparently Letter No. 300/7432 bans vaping in Iran. Yet people vape in Iran everyday and take vapes in and out of Iran via the airport. I took my vape products to Iran and vaped all over the country including at the airports in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Ramsar. And I never had a problem.

Inconsistencies between the law and reality seem to come about as a result of what a vaping device is. Smoking and Shish-a are legal and are permitted in outdoor spaces. Vapes are generally confused with personal shish-a devices.

If anyone was to ask me what it was (which only happened twice) I would say shish-a. If I said it was a ‘vape’ most people wouldn’t understand as vaping is not common.

I’d suggest that as vaping becomes better known, compliance action to prohibit vaping in accordance with the law will be more common. But then again the law might change.

Can I take my vape to Iran?

Iran is strict on liquids of any kind when flying. You must not take any bottles over 100ml on a flight. And these liquids must be individually sealed in ziplock bags. They must be placed in your checked luggage.

Any liquids you try to take onto a flight in your carry on bags will be confiscated. There will be multiple security checkpoints on entry to an airport where your carry on bags and person will be searched.

If you’re found to have liquids on your person or in your carry on baggage they will be confiscated and you will be in trouble. And when I say trouble this could vary; Trouble could be a large fine. Or potentially, prosecution. I’d advise not taking vape products to Iran.

Where can I vape in Iran?

I vaped anywhere that smoking was permitted and never had a problem. Definitely don’t vape anywhere smoking is prohibited. If you do vape where smoking is prohibited you could face severe consequences.

Where can I buy vapes in Iran?

You cannot easily buy vapes in Iran. All vapes in Iran will need to be purchased overseas. People who vape in Iran buy their products online. Or they import them from neighbouring countries. I never encountered a store selling vape products in Iran.

I do know of Iranian’s who are now using vape products to quit smoking. And the uptake and acceptance of vaping products is growing in Iran. But these individuals import their vaping devices and liquids from overseas or from neighbouring Azerbaijan.

Vaping in Iran

I had no problem taking my vape device to Iran. And I encountered no problems vaping in Iran. Yet I would not recommend just taking vaping products to Iran and expecting to be able to vape. Your mileage may vary and the consequences for importing a vaping product if Iran decides to crack down on vaping could be severe.

I’d advise anyone thinking of visiting Iran to quit vaping before travelling; Because the last thing you would want is to have your device confiscated at the airport and to start smoking. Or worse, finding yourself in legal trouble should Iran decide to enforce vaping laws.

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