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Hungary Vape

Vaping is legal in Hungary. Here’s some places where you can get vapes and how to bring your own vapes ...

Vaping is legal in Hungary. Here’s some places where you can get vapes and how to bring your own vapes into Hungary. We also cover some basic rules you should follow when vaping in Hungary.

Is vaping legal in Hungary?

Vaping is legal in Hungary. In Hungary vaping is treated the same as tobacco products and cigarettes. E-cigs and vapes have the same rules as conventional tobacco products in Hungary.

Can I take my vape to Hungary?

I’ve flown in and out of Hungary with vapes in my baggage and have never had a problem. Just follow the standard airline guidance on liquids and you will be fine.

Don’t fly with bottles over 100ml. Individually package each bottle of vape juice in a ziplock bag. Place these individually bagged bottles in your checked baggage. Not your carry on bags.

Don’t place lithium batteries in your checked baggage. Anything with a lithium battery needs to be carry on.

Where can I vape in Hungary?

In Hungary you can vape anywhere that smoking is allowed. Vapes and e-cigs are treated the same as regular tobacco products in Hungary. Don’t vape anywhere in Hungary that smoking is not permitted.

Where can I buy vapes in hungary?

I found it easy to buy vapes in Budapest. But much harder to buy vapes outside of Budapest. Most of the places in Budapest selling vapes were more common convenience stores or tobacconists. These places that sell vapes alongside traditional convenience store products.

In Budapest I used Nemzeti Dohánybolt. They had a large selection of reasonably priced vape juice. I found other shops on google maps and tried them too.

Vaping in Hungary

I vaped all over Hungary and never had a problem. I could always find places to get vapes and use them. Bringing vapes into the Hungary through the airport or on the train was no problem for me.

I did get some interest from customs officers at the airport. But they wanted to know where they could get vape setup for themselves. I sent them to the store above.

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