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Denmark Vape

Vaping is legal in Denmark. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Denmark. And how to bring your ...

Vaping is legal in Denmark. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Denmark. And how to bring your own vapes into Denmark. And some basic rules you should follow when vaping in Denmark to stay out of trouble.

Is vaping legal in Denmark?

Vaping is legal in Denmark. In Denmark vaping is treated the same as tobacco products. E-cigs and vapes have the same rules as conventional tobacco products.

Can I take my vape to Denmark?

You can take your vape to Denmark. I had no problem taking my vape to Denmark via both the international airport in Copenhagen and by rail from Hamburg Germany. Customs officers did not care that I had vaping products.

You will need to follow the applicable rules for liquids. Bottles up to 100ml each will be acceptable. Provided you have those e-juice or vape juice bottles in snaplock bags and have put them into your checked baggage.

As is standard airline practice the world over, all liquids need to be in your checked baggage and not your carry on bags. And do not pack lithium batteries in your checked baggage.

Where can I vape in Denmark?

You can vape anywhere that smoking is permitted in Denmark. One aspect of Denmark that surprised me is the large number of bars and cafes that still permit smoking inside. As long as smoking is permitted you can vape.

Where can I buy vapes in Denmark?

Check on google maps for stores. The majority of the vape stores I found were in Copenhagen. I found relatively few vape stores outside of Copenhagen.

My favourite store in Copenhagen was Coffee & Steam Company. It’s a cute cafe that also sells and permits the use of vapes.

Vaping in Denmark

The biggest surprise for me was the number of bars, cafes and restaurants that still permit smoking inside. Personally, I started vaping to quit smoking and am supportive of laws that ban smoking (and vaping) indoors. But everywhere I went in Denmark people were smoking inside.

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