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If you vape and you’re planning on travelling to Australia you should read this article first. Australia regulates nicotine vaping ...

If you vape and you’re planning on travelling to Australia you should read this article first.

Australia regulates nicotine vaping products. And you will need a prescription to legally take your nicotine vaping products with you to Australia.

Here’s what you should know about nicotine vaping products in Australia. Including how you can legally import and use your nicotine vaping products while on holiday in Australia.

Is vaping legal in Australia?

Vaping is legal in Australia. Yet nicotine is a prescription only drug. From October 2021, anyone using or importing nicotine vaping products into Australia requires a valid prescription from an Australia doctor.

For those people using and carrying nicotine free vaping products (0mg nicotine) no prescription is required. And nicotine free vaping products and accessories can be purchased online and at stores in virtually every Australian city.

To carry and use nicotine vaping products you must have a valid prescription. If you enter Australia with a nicotine vape and no prescription, your vape products can (and likely will) be seized. And you will be fined. The fines can be very large ($10,000 or more).

Can I take my vape to Australia?

Yes, you can take your nicotine vape to Australia with a prescription. To legally carry your nicotine vaping products into Australia you will need a valid prescription from an Australian doctor. You will need the prescription in advance of arriving in Australia.

Prescriptions for nicotine vaping products can be accessed online. One such provider is https://www.quitclinics.com/product/subscription/ Nicotine vaping prescriptions are generally valid for 12 months.

With a valid prescription from an Australia doctor you can legally import 3 months worth of nicotine vaping products into Australia per trip. If you hold a valid prescription you can legally bring your nicotine vape to Australia with you on your holidays.

If your vape product or e-cig has 0mg of nicotine and is entirely nicotine free you do not require a prescription. Nicotine free vaping products are unregulated. And they can be carried in and out of Australia free of hindrance. Nicotine free vape juice can be readily bought and sold over the counter in Australia.

To transport your products with you on a flight to Australia, you will need to follow standard airline guidance for transporting liquids. Each bottle of vape juice must be less than 100ml. And each bottle must be individually wrapped in a clear plastic ziplock bag.

Place the individually wrapped vape juice bottles into your checked luggage. Do not place them into your carry on bag. Ensure that each individually wrapped vape juice bottle is in an easily accessible spot in your checked baggage. As it’s likely you will be required to show them to a customs officer on arrival in Australia.

Steps to take your nicotine vape to Australia

  1. Get a prescription online;
  2. Get a supply of vape juice to a maximum of 3 months and no more than 100ml per bottle;
  3. Individually wrap each bottle of juice in a clear plastic ziplock bag;
  4. Pack the individually wrapped bottles of vape juice in an accessible location in your checked baggage;
  5. Declare that you have a (maximum 3 month) supply of vape juice and a prescription on your customs form;
  6. Show the prescription and vape juice to Customs on arrival in Australia if (or when) they ask.

Where can I vape in Australia?

In Australia vaping is treated the same as smoking. And this goes for vapes containing nicotine and nicotine free vapes. You can use your vape in any location where smoking is permitted.

Smoking is prohibited indoors in venues in Australia. You cannot use your vape inside a restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel or any other venue. Smoking is prohibited within 5 meters of public doorways.

As a general rule of thumb, you should treat vaping the same as smoking and be courteous to those around you. Don’t vape anywhere that others will be forced to inhale your second hand vape. If you aren’t irritating other people with your vape in Australia, nobody will bother you.

Where can I buy vapes in Australia?

Nicotine free vape juice and vaping hardware can be readily bought and sold over the counter in Australia. And many shops are available in each state and territory of Australia. Only e-juice containing nicotine is restricted in Australia. All other vape products and components are easily accessible.

If you run out of nicotine vape juice while in Australia you can purchase more with your valid prescription. Vape juice containing nicotine can be bought online from Australian distributors or overseas.

Most deliveries for online purchases from reputable providers are quick. And they take 2-5 days on average. As an Australian I use and recommend NZVAPOR in New Zealand. NZVAPOR provides quick delivery to Australia.

Australian vaping advice from an Australian

If you’re like me and you balk at the thought of needing to pay an online quack or doctor $85 or more for a prescription so you can vape, you should think of it this way. Should you decide to go back to smoking cigs they’ll cost you about $50 a day in Australia.

I used vaping to give up cigarettes and I’d advise you to give up the vape, too. Before taking a holiday in Australia. And definitely don’t try and smuggle your nicotine products into Australia.

From my experience as an Australian who has travelled through customs more times than I care to recount; I can guarantee you that the Australia Border Force (ABF) will find your device if you haven’t followed the rules.

And trust me. It’s not worth the fines and headaches associated with getting caught breaking the law. Because the last thing you would want is to get caught and fined while having your device and liquids confiscated and destroyed. Leaving you no option but to go back to cigarettes at $50 or more per pack.

Quit vaping and then travel to Australia. Or follow the rules and pay the online doctor. The choice is yours.

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