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Vaping is legal in Argentina. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Buenos Aires. And how to bring ...

Vaping is legal in Argentina. Here’s some places where you can get vapes in Buenos Aires. And how to bring your own vapes into Argentina. We also cover some basic rules you should follow when vaping in Argentina to stay out of trouble. 

Vaping is legal in Argentina. You can buy and use vape products in Argentina. And you can bring your vape device to Argentina.

I’ve vaped all over Argentina in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Bariloche and Salta. I’ve flown in and out of Argentina with vapes in my baggage. I’ve also taken the Buquebus to and from Uruguay with my vape device and have never had a problem.

Is vaping common in Argentina?

Vaping is relatively common in Argentina. In areas like Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo Soho or Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires you will often encounter people using vape devices.

Palermo Hollywood in particular has a lot of people vaping outside every restaurant and bar. E-cigs in Argentina have become an accepted method for quitting smoking.

Can I Take My Vape To Argentina?

Yes you can take your vape to Argentina. If you’re travelling to Argentina by bus or Buquebus there are no special requirements for transporting your vape device or e-juice.

If you’re travelling to Argentina by air you must follow standard international airline guidance for transporting lithium batteries and liquids.

Your vape device and lithium vape batteries must be transported in your carry on bags when flying. Your batteries and vape device must be in the cabin of the aircraft with you.

Vape Juices and e-Liquids must be transported to Argentina in your checked baggage. Do not take liquids with you in your carry on bags.

To travel with vape liquids on a plane you must ensure that all vape juice bottles are a maximum of 100ml each. And each bottle must be individually wrapped in a clear plastic ziplock bag. Place the individually wrapped bottles into your checked baggage.

Avoid putting lithium batteries or lithium powered devices in your checked baggage. Instead carry the device in your carry on baggage. Ensure that the batteries are removed and the heating element cannot be activated on the flight.

Steps To Take Your Vape To Argentina Via Airline

  1. Make sure all vape juice bottles are 100ml or less;
  2. Individually wrap each vape juice bottle in a clear plastic ziplock bag; 
  3. Place the individually wrapped juice bottles into your checked luggage; 
  4. Place the device and any lithium batteries into your carry on bags.

Where Can I Buy Vapes In Argentina?

I’ve only found one reputable shop in Argentina. That shop is the ‘Vape Queen Tienda‘ in Buenos Aires. Vape Queen is a specialist vape distributor with a physical shop.

Some other places I’ve stumbled across in Buenos Aires have claimed to be dedicated ‘vape stores’ with addresses advertised on google. But whenever I would go to their advertised locations I’d find a standard apartment building and no sign of a shop.

When contacting listings on Google Maps they would always reveal that they were ‘online stores’ and I’d have to order via their websites. Which turned out to more often be affiliate style websites with spam entries on Google maps.

Since finding the ‘Vape Queen Tienda‘ store I’ve just ordered from that store as its a specialist. They do next day delivery with motorcycle couriers who will arrive between 2pm and 6pm in the afternoon.

Vape Queen Tienda also has a physical store in Buenos Aires. So you can go and get your vape in a real shop if you’re in a rush.

If you’re only after a disposable vape product, these can be accessed in most of the tobacconists and grow shops. Though the largest selections of disposable vape products I’ve seen in Buenos Aires to date are in the ‘Galleria Bond Street’ mall in Recoleta.

What to avoid when buying vape products in Argentina?

Argentina has a lot of ‘affiliate marketers’. When buying vape supplies online in Argentina you need to be sure that the store you’re buying the product from actually has the item in stock. And that they aren’t simply an affiliate marketer of someone else’s product. If they are an affiliate marketer the product could take weeks to arrive. And that’s if it arrives at all.

Since finding the store recommended above (Vape Queen Tienda) I’ve personally just stuck to buying from her. And from around November 2021 until today September 2022 I’ve had no problems with her service. In fact, she’s been exceptional.

If I was arriving into a different city in Argentina and needing to find another distributor I’d likely look for a vape shop with a physical location first. It’s what I did when choosing Vape Queen. Because if the seller has a physical store they have physical products.

Once I know they’re real and have real products only then do I buy from them online. It’s how I avoid the affiliate marketers who have no products.

Where Can I Vape In Argentina?

In Argentina you can vape anywhere that smoking is allowed. Vape devices and e-cigarettes (e-cigs) are treated the same as regular tobacco products. Don’t vape anywhere in Argentina that smoking is not permitted.

Vape In Argentina | Conclusions

There’s a lot of questionable results on google about the legality of vaping in Argentina. In my experience these aren’t based on the realities present in Argentina. In Argentina nobody cares if you vape. Customs officers (Aduana) are more likely to inspect your baggage to see your electric razor than they are to check your vape.

If you are carrying a lot of vapes in your luggage and it looks like you’re importing them for sale you may experience difficulty. They would likely make you pay a tax if they think you’re intending to sell the goods.

Make sure you only bring the amount of vape that you actually need. And don’t bring a saleable quantity (i.e. a suitcase full of vapes).

The only time you’re likely to have trouble vaping in Argentina is if you do something stupid like use it on a plane or in a non-smoking environment. I just follow the lead of the smokers and use it outdoors and nobody cares.

Cost wise I’ve found vapes in Argentina to be relatively cheap. But they are horrendously expensive in Uruguay. And you won’t find the same variety of products available in Uruguay.

If like me you decide to take the Buquebus across to Montevideo or Colonia Del Sacramento, you should stock up in Argentina before you travel to Uruguay.

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