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All Australians NEED a VPN!

Australia has mandatory data retention laws. And your data is stored by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for two years. ...

Australia has mandatory data retention laws. And your data is stored by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for two years.

The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 mandates that everything you do online is stored by your internet company. And your stored data can be accessed by security agencies, police and just about everybody for a minimum of 2 years.

Don’t let the legal mumbo jumbo fool you. The local parking inspector could get your metadata if a case against you called for it. And he doesn’t need a rock solid reason to get your data. Just a suspicion.

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You can put a stop to people accessing your private information. You can stop everyone from snooping on your online activity.

Just use a VPN. With NordVPN your ISP can’t see your data and thus can’t track it. And if your internet provider can’t see what you’re doing or tack your activity, they can’t record it. And if they can’t record it, they can’t pass it on to anybody else.

All Australians should use a VPN

‘Mr PotatoHead,’ also known as Peter Dutton, was banging on in Parliament for years about banning encryption. Because encryption stops everybody, including the Government, from snooping on your online activity.

Dutton failed to ban encryption. And NordVPN is available to save you from Government overreach.

If you aren’t using a VPN then the building next door to Home Affairs in Canberra has a copy of every website you’ve viewed in the last two years. And everything you’ve done online.

Ever looked at something you shouldn’t? Cleared your browser and think it’s gone? Well, it’s not gone.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) office in Belconnen ACT can certainly say if you have looked at any questionable material. Because they have a list of every page you’ve viewed and every video you played in the last 2 years.

Get NordVPN and say no to the Australian Government and other like it, tracking your online activities.

Confused about what a VPN is or what a VPN does?

You should see our explainer page. In that article I detail what a VPN is and what it does. And all of the features and benefits of a VPN are covered in that article.

It doesn’t matter which country you’re located in or what citizenship is on your passport, somebody somewhere is trying to snitch your data. Get NordVPN and protect yourself.

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